6 Deadly Sins of Blogging For Writers

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You’ve heard about the power of blogging: how starting a blog can lead to big things in a writer’s career. Blogging is a way to keep your author website fresh, to engage your readers, and to update friends and fans about the goings-on of your life.

But let’s just say for the sake of argument that you don’t want to win friends and influence people. Let’s say you don’t want people to like your blog. Let’s say you want to bomb (and good for you, by the way, for being so straightforward about your self-sabotage! Most of us have to go to therapy for years to reach that level).

If you’re tired of following the pattern of successful bloggers, here’s how to break the mold!

Forget about theme.

People like blogs that have unity and coherence on some level. In your blog, write about any old thing: politics, pet care, cooking, celebrity gossip…who cares? Why give people a pattern that induces them to return to your blog in anticipation of your next post?

Trumpet your awesomeness.

Promote, promote, promote. Talk about how awesome you are…all the time. Tell everybody how cool your book is, how brilliant your writing is, and make it a nonstop stream!

Rambling prose.

Longwinded posts filled with thick paragraphs that go on for thousands of words can be especially difficult for readers to absorb via their computers screens, so go for bulky syntax and bulky paragraphs, and you’ll get bulky blog posts that nobody wants to read because people who are reading on the Web generally don’t have the patience for unwieldy sentences (like this one).

Blog is in the details.

Titillate readers with daily minutiae from your own life, like how the sun is shining down on your porch while you’re writing a poem about how you hate your neighbor’s dog. What you ate for breakfast can be especially exciting material to blog about.

Forget about takeaway value.

There are plenty of blogs out there that offer helpful, practical information. Yours doesn’t have to be one of them.

Do NOT read and reread and reread your post.

This is the number one problem bloggers run into. If you continue to proof and double-proof your post, you’ll eat up valuable time that you could use to be doing something else, like brushing up on your ping-pong skills. You have better things to do than proofread.

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