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Online Marketing Tips For Writers Who Have More Than One Pen Name | Web Design Relief

There are several reasons why an author would use multiple pen names. Perhaps you write in three different genres and don’t want to confuse your separate audiences. Or you are published with a traditional publisher but also self-publish under a different name. Maybe you just want to start fresh. But the experts at Web Design… Continue Reading

Inbound Marketing For Authors: Setting Up Your Mailing List

In our first article about Inbound Marketing For Authors, we learned how Inbound Marketing can benefit your author brand. Now we’ll take a look at how to set up a mailing list, integrate it into your author website, and send out your first mailing. Let’s get started! Set Up Your Mailing List Your mailing list… Continue Reading

Inbound Marketing For Authors: What Is Inbound Marketing?

Welcome, authors, to the inaugural article of our recurring series Inbound Marketing For Authors! This series will explore Inbound Marketing: what it is, how it works, best practices, and more. In today’s installment, we’ll explain the concepts behind Inbound Marketing and how it can give you the best bang for your buck. What Is Inbound Marketing?… Continue Reading

Instagram Marketing: Top 6 Fan-Building Tips For Writers

At first sight, Instagram, a free social media app focused on images, might not seem like the best choice for writers. But if you use it correctly, Instagram is an excellent way to promote your writing and connect with fans—in fact, nearly half of all US adults use Instagram daily! With Instagram, you can take a photo or video… Continue Reading

Writers: 7 Ways To Turn Over A New Leaf For Your Marketing And Promotional Strategy

Are your marketing and promotional strategies starting to feel “so last year”? Sooner or later, what started out as fresh and exciting ideas for your author platform will eventually become “old hat” and stale—not only to you, but to your visitors and followers as well. A stagnant marketing plan is often the culprit when you notice you’re no longer getting… Continue Reading

6 Ways To Incorporate NaNoWriMo Into Your Online Marketing And Promo!

For most people, November brings to mind vibrant autumn hues and Thanksgiving get-togethers. But to writers, November can only mean one thing: National Novel Writing Month! As you focus on meeting your daily NaNoWriMo word count, your houseplants may begin to shrivel and dust bunnies may reproduce as fast as, um, actual bunnies. While household… Continue Reading

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