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Welcome to our Links Roundup for August! This month, we’re livening up the summer doldrums with articles on how to avoid a blog crisis; the ins and outs of link building to improve your brand; a new tool you can use to write your novel; and more! Whether you create your own author website or we create one for you, we want to give you the best possible tools to build an effective online author platform and get your writing out there for the world to read.

How to Lessen Your Chances of an Online Crisis – via Jane Friedman – You’ve carefully built your online reputation—and now it’s under attack! Chris Syme discusses how to prevent this crisis by being proactive and developing goodwill among your followers and media representatives in the social sphere.

The Rules of Link Building – via moz – What is link building, and are you doing it the right way? Britney Muller discusses the ins and outs of link building, such as considering how much value a link will have, reclaiming broken links, doing outreach, and creating original content.

Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Annoy a Blog Editor (and What to Do Instead)via ProBlogger – It’s important to build relationships with blog editors, but it’s even more important to do that without accidentally annoying them. Ali Luke reviews ways that bloggers can land on the blacklist without even realizing it—and how they can avoid these pitfalls.

6 Good Reasons To Use Scrivener To Write Your Book – via Writers Write – Check out Scrivener, a word processor designed specifically for authors. Writers Write lists good reasons to use this program, including a built-in outliner, the ability to open your notes right next to your work, and a function that can put it all into a single document.

6 Great Portfolio Sites for Freelance Writers – via The Write Life – If you’re a freelance writer, you need a portfolio on the Internet. Annie Rose Favreau discusses six websites that can help promote your writing and build your portfolio as a freelance writer.


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