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One of the most frequently visited pages on your author website will be your “About Me” page—and, luckily, that page doesn’t have to feature a standard author bio in a basic, humdrum presentation. At Web Design Relief, we know there are fun, new ways to design your “About Me” page so that readers and fans can discover more about you as a writer and as a person. Do you ski? Collect antiques? Wear Hawaiian shirts? Have a few great writing awards on your bookshelf? Use engaging widgets and eye-catching elements on your “About Me” page to let your readers know!

Here’s How To Make Your “About Me” Page Stand Out

Share Social Media

Showing off your social media posts is one of the most effective ways readers can learn more about you. Your Twitter feed, Facebook timeline, Instagram posts, and other social media will connect web visitors to your latest thoughts, activities, publication credits, events, updates, and more in real time. Use widgets and plugins to offer live integration to your social media.

Slide Into Your Story 

Instead of using only words to tell the story of who you are and what you do—add images! Just because website design is trending toward minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple photos on your “About Me” page. Use photo-based widgets like sliders, galleries, and photo stacks to express your interests and personality. Many of these widgets also offer the option to caption each photo, which you can use to add some biographical info to the page while maintaining a clean design.

Listen Up! Audio Posts And Podcasts

Audio posts are an easy and creative way for your audience to hear your message in your own voice. Grab your phone or laptop and record your voice—you can give your visitors a unique welcome to your author website and thank them for stopping by. Then upload the recording to your “About Me” page. Podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of storytelling on the Internet, so you might want to consider starting your own! Just remember: If you read any of your work on a podcast, it could be considered previously published. Learn more here.

Get Graphic With A Timeline

Of course, we mean create an infographic about you for your author website! Timelines are a visually intriguing and concise way to tell visitors the highlights of your life. Use a timeline to give potential fans and followers a map of your educational, professional, and publishing history. Make it fun and include some not-so-pertinent-to-writing but intriguing facts: If you write horror, perhaps include the day you saw your first vampire movie. If your genre is cookbooks, maybe note the day you discovered 101 uses for chocolate chips. Set up your timeline the way you would create an outline for a story—but this story is all about you!

Take A Look! Videos And Vlogging 

Posting a video or videos to your “About Me” page can help you create a more personal connection with your website visitors than is possible with just a written bio. You can film a welcome video or “listicle” video to tell viewers a little bit about yourself. You can even film weekly vlogs to keep your fans up to date on your writing, book-signing events, readings, or other ventures. Not sure how to start? Quickly learn the ins and outs of vlogging.

It’s time to bring your “About Me” page into the 21st century! This frequently visited page on your author website is the perfect place to showcase different mediums like audio, visual, or video posts. You’ll engage your visitors in a way that a few written paragraphs could never accomplish. And if you need help creating or updating your author website, schedule a free consultation with Web Design Relief today!


QUESTION: Which one of these “About Me” page ideas are you most likely to try?

Writer Marketing And Website Trends To Watch For In 2019 | Web Design Relief

Welcome to the new year, with the promise of new marketing opportunities and new author website trends! At Web Design Relief, our experts predict some exciting new promotional ideas and website design developments will help you sell your books, boost your online presence, and increase your readership. It’s not too soon to put these up-to-the-minute trends to work for you!

The Top 2019 Marketing And Website Design Trends For Writers

Videos Are Making A Bigger Impact

The research is in, and videos are quickly becoming the most popular marketing tool available. Users are more likely to engage with video-based marketing rather than images or text-only promotions. What does this mean for writers? It’s time to brush up on your video editing skills or get in touch with the professionals! Book trailers, author Q&As, and listicle videos are just a few of the ways you can launch your writing into the digital world and grow your audience.

Readers Engage When You’re A Person, Not A Salesperson

Studies show that consumers are more likely to trust people, not ads, in 2019. Instead of relying on the “Buy my book!” approach, enlist other authors or book bloggers to write reviews of your work to share on your website. The more social proof you have showing readers are enjoying your books, stories, and poetry, the more your potential fans will trust they’ll be interested in your work too! You can also ask readers and industry influencers to talk about your work on their own platforms, helping you extend your marketing reach.

Less Social Media May Be More Effective

Industry experts suggest that spending too much time on multiple social media platforms can actually be counterproductive as a marketing strategy. Social media forecasts report that users may be building brand loyalty and will be less likely to surf various platforms. So your best strategy will be to focus on the one social media platform where your genre tends to be the most popular, rather than staggering your efforts across the Internet.

Simple, Clean Website Design Improves Functionality

Minimalist website designs are going to lead the way in 2019—and for a good reason. Mobile Internet usage is becoming the dominant form of online browsing, so the simpler your website is, the better it will translate from the desktop to the small screen. This is especially beneficial for writers, because your words can take center stage. Forgo clunky design elements and website clutter for clean visuals, legible text, and functionality that’s easier for users on-the-go to navigate.

If your author website needs an update—or if you’re ready to start the new year with a brand-new website—Web Design Relief can help! Schedule your free consultation today!

Stylish Typography Will Deliver Your Message

With websites becoming less busy and elaborate, your typography choices will make a bigger impact—so it’s important you choose wisely. While 2019 won’t herald the end of basic bold headers and mastheads, unexpected typeface choices could help your text stand out even more. Experiment! Don’t be afraid to add some color to your font choice, play with the sizing of each letter, or even use spacing and shadows in ways you may not have thought about before.

As you set out to keep your writer resolutions for 2019, focusing on these trends will ensure your marketing strategies and website design are working to boost your efforts.


Question: Which design or marketing trend will you be utilizing in 2019?

January 2019 Links Roundup | Web Design Relief

Welcome to Web Design Relief’s first Links Roundup for the new year! We’re starting things off with an interview with a Google webmaster; how to meet your writing resolution goals in 2019, preparing for a great new year of blogging; and more. Whether you create your own author website or we create one for you, we want to give you the best possible tools to build an effective online author platform and get your writing out there for the world to read.

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