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Sounding Off: The Dos And Don’ts Of Recording And Adding Sound To Your Website

In an increasingly crowded bookselling marketplace, the challenge du jour for every hardworking author is discoverability. How on earth do you distinguish yourself from thousands of other authors, and your book from thousands of new releases hitting the real and virtual shelves? The answer lies in your ability to communicate your unique brand—the special, amazing qualities… Continue Reading

Eek! Scary-Good Author Website Decorating Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner! Homes and storefronts are all decorated with skeletons, ghosts, and spiderwebs—in fact, one home near our office has a skeleton bedecked in a Santa hat clinging to the chimney! You may even have a mini pumpkin or two perched on your writing desk. Now it’s time to add a… Continue Reading

8 Mistakes That Can Get Your Author Website Banned

Google encourages authors to raise their websites’ search engine rankings through organic search engine optimization (SEO). But what Google and other search engines don’t like is when you try to “play” the system in a deceptive, “black hat” way. SEO scams come in several varieties, and trying any of these questionable tactics can quickly get your author website… Continue Reading

5 Fab Fundamentals For Author Website Design

As your modern-day business card, your author website should feature all the relevant information about you as a writer and your projects. But here’s the website element that some authors overlook—it should also have a pleasing, easy-to-navigate design that attracts the reader’s eye. Check out these examples from the Web Design Relief portfolio to see some of the best ways… Continue Reading

Inbound Marketing For Authors: Setting Up Your Mailing List

In our first article about Inbound Marketing For Authors, we learned how Inbound Marketing can benefit your author brand. Now we’ll take a look at how to set up a mailing list, integrate it into your author website, and send out your first mailing. Let’s get started! Set Up Your Mailing List Your mailing list… Continue Reading

6 Author Website Tips Just For Short Story Authors

Having an author website can be a great way to promote yourself as a short story writer! People are always curious about the writer behind a great story. Editors reading your cover letter and intrigued by your pitch may want more information about your publishing credits and range of experiences. Literary agents reviewing online journals and magazines… Continue Reading

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