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The Lazy Writer’s Social Media Cheat Sheet

You have a looming writing deadline…calls to return…groceries to buy…kids to tuck in…etc., etc., etc. But wait—don’t forget your social media updates—a vital part of your author platform! If you need some quick-fix ideas for your social media posts (including your Facebook author page), don’t panic! We’ve put together some “instant” post ideas just for writers. Put your own spin on these fill-in-the-blank ideas to really make these ideas yours!

Note: Social media posts have more impact when paired with compelling images—so feel free to add your own photos.

Especially For Writers: Instant Update Ideas For Your Social Media

Remember when we used to dress like this? Or was it just me?

Our favorite tradition for the upcoming holiday: ____. What are your plans?

Amazing recipe for ___. Pics attached! Try not to drool on the screen.

Am so grateful for ___ today.

Went to ___ last night. Loved it!

Anyone see [name of movie] yet? Should I get a ticket?

File this one under: What my [type of pet] did today.

Here’s a dose of cuteness from my house to yours.

Just got back from [museum/concert/reading/etc.]. So lucky to have been there!

I love the book cover for ____. What do you think?

Is there a day that could not be improved by the addition of [name of book/name of character]?

Am rereading ___ for the Xth time. What books do you regularly reread?

___ is the scariest villain in all of literature, if you ask me. What antagonist do you love to hate?

Wish I could disappear for a day into [title]. Anyone want to join?

Book recommendations wanted. What have you read recently that you liked?

Just finished reading ___. Now I have to ____.

I love this quote for booklovers.

This ___ is just what every booklover needs (hint hint!).

This is my dream bookshelf. [add an image]

I wish I could live here and read forever. [add an image]

Congrats to my favorite author, ___, for ____.

Finished X pages today! Time for ___.

The best thing about being a writer is ____.

I have a little free time tonight. Should I read or write? What do you think?

A cup of __ and an hour for writing. Does life get better?

Writing went ___ today.

Not in the mood for writing. Usually I ___. But it’s not working. Suggestions?

I love this writer gear. [add an image]

Want more ideas for your author marketing campaign? Check out our list of 40 blog post topic ideas for writers!

QUESTION: Which ones on this list are you most likely to use?

Post This, Not That: Social Media Edits That Make A Huge Difference

Want to know how to improve the response rate and reach of your Twitter tweets and your posts on your author Facebook page? Our social media experts are here to share key insights about how to write posts  and tweets that will engage readers, build fans, and boost your reputation as a writer!

Post This, Not That: Tips For Writing Effective, Share-Worthy Tweets and Facebook Posts

Original: What do you like to write with?

Edit: Which is better, pencil or pen?

Why It Works Better Now: We’ve used a simplified example here to make the point that asking “multiple choice” questions can generate a bigger response than asking open-ended questions. When people are multitasking by viewing Facebook on smartphone screens, they’re not focused enough—and may not have the time—to offer an answer that requires a lot of thought. Provide your fans and followers with a choice of answers so they can easily interact with you! Questions should be easy, direct, and able to be answered immediately.

That said, there’s no need to take this suggestion as a rigid rule; sometimes, you should ask open-ended questions to generate lively discussions—when the topic calls for it. But if it is possible to use “multiple choice” phrasing, consider that option.


Original: I love reading while on vacation. #reading #vacation

Edit: Enjoying the sunshine and reading a great book. Does life get any better?

Why It Works Better Now: Most people know that it’s dangerous to say you’re on vacation—so if you can help it, don’t. And if you must say you’re on vacation, follow these social media vacation safety tips.

Social Media Secret: Research suggests that while hashtags are wildly popular on Twitter, they don’t resonate as strongly on Facebook.


Original: Just got out of work. What a crummy day.

Edit: Just got out of work. So glad this day is over! Bubble bath, here I come.

Why It Works Better Now: Tweets and posts that embrace a positive attitude tend to resonate better with audiences than those that are negative. So if you want to post about your bad day, feel free. But try to do so with thoughts of silver linings. Learn more about Facebook etiquette.


Original: My new book is out! I’m so excited that I just made the bestseller list. Go me!

Edit: My new book just made the bestseller list. I could really use your help to spread the word. If my book [link below] sounds interesting to you or someone you know, will you share it? Thanks for celebrating with me!

Why It Works Better Now: Sure, our edit is a little on the long side, but where the original post sounds like bragging, the edit gets the same information across with more humility. Where the first post sounds like Facebook advertising and makes readers unsure of how to respond, the second offers a clear directive for what to do next.

Social Media Secret: There are conflicting philosophies about posting calls to action on Facebook. Some people claim that Facebook algorithms penalize posts that use phrases such as “please like this post.” But marketing experts continue to stress the importance of giving your audience a clear directive. Experiment to decide if the trade-off may be worth it to you.


Original: The news that came out about [author name here] last week is so crazy!

Edit: I’m so excited about [author’s name]’s new book coming out next week. I will be standing in line at the bookstore, for sure!

Why It Works Better Now: The first post is vague and outdated. On social media, five minutes is the equivalent of a century! The revised post is specific and offers a positive spin that anticipates exciting news (and for some readers, it might even be new information). People love sharing “new” news.

Want To Write Better Social Media Posts? Think Like A Writer

Writing is a two-step process: First, you generate ideas (without limitation or censure). Then you tap into the analytical, left side of your brain and make your edits. When you approach your social media with a writerly philosophy, you could see your engagement rates climb!


Question:  Do you use social media to promote your writer brand?


When Facebook Fails: 6 Changes To Get More Fans For Your Author Page


You want to succeed as a writer, so you’re using Facebook to boost your presence on social media. You’re active on your author page, you interact and reply to comments, and you linked your page to your author website. So…why is your fan count lagging?

Here are 6 ways you might be using Facebook wrong—and the fixes you need to implement now.

You’re constantly advertising. We know you’re excited about having your book published, and it’s natural that you would want more people to read your work. But if you constantly post links to buy your book on Amazon, it might seem like you’re spamming your fans’ Facebook feeds. People log into Facebook to communicate socially. Your followers won’t want to be pressured into reading or buying something, no matter how much they admire your work. Try cutting back on the hard sales pitches.

Your posts are uncomfortably TOO personal. It’s fun to keep fans updated on your latest activities, but it’s important to maintain boundaries. Private drama or mundane details (like the leftover soup you had for lunch) shouldn’t be shared on your Facebook author page. Posting about personal disagreements, financial matters, or household problems will make you seem unprofessional. Yes, you want to get your followers talking and interacting with you, and one of the best ways to do that is to ask questions. Ideal content to share: writing tips, public readings, author meet-ups, and forthcoming publications.

You direct viewers to too many outside links. If you’re always posting links to other sites rather than sharing insights and connecting with your fans, you’re directing them away from your Facebook author page. You definitely don’t want fans drifting off to another site and forgetting about you! While you shouldn’t eliminate outside links altogether, remember to post some links to your website or other social media accounts.

You’re not using images effectively. Facebook posts with images consistently outperform text-only posts. And while you may be using an amazing headshot, don’t overlook the importance of your Facebook cover photo! Use an image that creates a consistent author brand by tying into your author website and other social media sites.

You’re not posting consistently. You may have started out strong, posting and responding to comments regularly. But as time passed and life got busier, your Facebook posts and interactions became more sporadic. If you haven’t been consistently popping up on your fans’ news feeds, you’ll soon find yourself “out of sight, out of mind.” And if visitors see that the last time you posted on your Facebook timeline was back when culottes were in fashion (culottes should never be in fashion), they’ll bounce to more current Facebook pages.

If you’re not posting often enough because you don’t have the time, you can schedule your Facebook posts in advance. And by offering your followers fun, informative, share-worthy content, you increase the odds that they’ll share your posts with their friends and ultimately build your fan base.

You aren’t using any Facebook ads. Yes, we DID say not to over promote. But Facebook ads or boosted posts can be targeted to a very specific audience—including people who are similar to your fans but who aren’t following you yet. You’ll be able to reach potential new fans without bombarding your current fan base with ads.

Keeping up with social media is a must-do for authors who want to move forward in their writing careers. If you find that you don’t have the time or inclination to regularly schedule engaging, informative posts on your Facebook author page, you might want to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant.


QUESTION: Are there other tips you know for gaining more fans on Facebook?




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