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March 2018 Links Roundup | Web Design Relief

What do you find at the end of the rainbow? Web Design Relief’s March Links Roundup! This month, we review selling your blog; questions to ask while launching your second book; ways to bring your content quality to the next level; and how one blogger made his first $1,000. Whether you create your own author website or we create one for you, we want to give you the best possible tools to build an effective online author platform and get your writing out there for the world to read.

Case Study: What Happens When You Want To Sell Your Blog? – via ProBlogger – Did you know you could sell your blog? Sharon Gourlay explains what could happen if you decide to sell your blog, and how to get the maximum amount of money possible.

Launching Your Second Book And Beyond: 4 Questions To Ask – via Jane Friedman –Novelist Andrea Dunlop, formerly a publicist at Doubleday, discusses the questions you need to ask yourself as you launch your second book—such as who your core audience is and how you can improve on your first book launch.

3 Ways To Create “Next Level” Content – via copyblogger – Sonia Simone talks about three ways to bring your content to the next level: finding the “sweet spot” between easy and easy-to-understand; making your site design as brilliant as your words; and quickly getting to the point in your content.

How I Made My First $1,000 Blogging – via BlogTyrant – Want to make $1,000 on your blog? BlogTyrant reveals how to make that first $1,000, and how diversifying plays an important part in your success.

February 2018 Links Roundup | Web Design Relief

Web Design Relief brings you the best of the Internet in our February Links Roundup! This month, we discuss collaborative blogging; the must-have digital media tools for 2018; what should be on your About Me page; and three different email services to keep your followers up to date on your blog. Whether you create your own author website or we create one for you, we want to give you the best possible tools to build an effective online author platform and get your writing out there for the world to read.

Collaborative Blogging – One Blogger Shares How She Started A Blog With Over 200 Collaborators via ProBlogger – Blogger Chrissann Nickel, who has over 200 collaborators on her blog, discusses the challenges and benefits of collaborating with multiple writers.

My Must-Have Digital Media Tools: 2018 Edition – via Jane Friedman – Wondering which digital media tools are a MUST for 2018? Jane Friedman discusses many useful tools, such as Zoom, Acuity Scheduling, Evernote, and more!

How To Write An About Page That Works – via The Write Life – Visitors to your website want to know more about you. The Write Life discusses the questions you need to answer on your author website’s About page for it to be effective.

AWeber vs. GetResponse vs. MailChimp: A Detailed Comparison Review – via bloggingwizard – Not sure which email service to use to keep your followers updated on your blog? Blogging Wizard compares and contrasts three email services. Decide which one is right for you!

4 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Help Build Your Author Platform | Web Design Relief

A strong author platform doesn’t happen overnight. Growing your audience and nurturing your online reputation takes time, planning, and persistence. At Web Design Relief, we know a new year offers excellent opportunities to improve your online marketing in a systematic way. So while you’re making resolutions to exercise and read more, consider these four New Year’s resolutions to boost your author platform through the coming year:

Resolution One: Maximize Your Author Website

Take a good, hard look at your author website. This is the hub for all your online marketing and promotion campaigns. Is it the best that it can be?

Building an effective author platform starts with an excellent author website, so make sure yours works.

Resolution Two: Post Well And Consistently On Social Media Platforms

Savvy authors know social media works best when you’re posting quality material on a regular basis. Resolve to increase interaction, engagement, and your overall audience by posting well and steadily.

Resolution Three: Blog On A Regular Schedule

Like social media campaigns, blogging requires consistency and some level of frequency. A frequent blog contributes to SEO and makes your website appear higher in search algorithms. Consider how often you can comfortably post, then set a campaign schedule and plan ahead.

  • Spend a day or two brainstorming blog ideas for the year so that you’ll have a source of inspiration when you feel like the writer’s well is dry.
  • Arrange for guest bloggers periodically to give yourself a breather—just make sure you choose your guest bloggers
  • Consider seeking opportunities to guest blog on other authors’ blogs to expand your audience.

Resolution Four: Use Online Marketing To Increase Your Newsletter Subscription List

Having thousands of social media followers is wonderful, but you don’t own that platform. So at any moment, the social media platform can change algorithms and limit your reach to the very fans who have chosen to follow you! It’s always better to get those fans onto your newsletter subscription list so YOU can control who sees your message and when.

Here are smart ways you can turn social media followers into newsletter subscribers:

  • Pin a post to the top of your social media feeds asking followers to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Run a promotion for a bookstore gift certificate or an eReader in exchange for subscribers.
  • Offer up a gift (a free novella, short story, or a sneak-peek chapter of an upcoming book) to anyone who signs up for your newsletter.
  • Consider multi-author book giveaways to gain newsletter subscribers.

New Year’s resolutions have a tendency to fizzle out by Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t have to be the fate of yours. Check out how to stick to your New Year’s resolutions now that you’ve made them.


Question: How many social media platforms do you post regularly on? Which is your favorite and why?

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