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To ring in the new year, our Web Design Relief experts have found the best blog and web design advice on the Internet and brought it all here for you! Learn which blog and web design trends are predicted to take over in 2018; 12 blogs to watch; how to ensure your blog doesn’t fail in the new year; and tips on what to include in your email newsletters. Whether you create your own author website or we create one for you, we want to give you the best possible tools to build an effective online author platform and get your writing out there for the world to read.

3 Blogging Trends To Jump On Before 2018 – via Neil Patel – Neil Patel discusses three things bloggers must do if they want to be successful in 2018: the importance of organization, content length, and integrating video into your content.

12 Blogs To Watch Out For In 2018 – via Lifestyle Hitlist – Looking for ideas and inspiration for your blog in 2018? Lifestyle Hitlist lists 12 blogs to watch for in the coming year, such as Blabber Blogger, Positively Present, and 2 Cats and Chloe.

Why 99% Of Blogs Will Fail In 2018 – via Blog Tyrant – You can learn a lot from seeing why some blogs fail and others succeed. This article discusses the biggest challenge for new bloggers and the importance of thinking about your blog like a business, plus tips to ensure your blog doesn’t fail in 2018.

Web Design Trends Predictions For 2018 – via Design Contest – Give your author website a new look in the new year! Design Contest shows us what web design trends are predicted to take hold in 2018, such as cinemagraphs, 3D animation, and mood for interface.

What You Should Include In Your Email Newsletters – via ProBlogger – Is your New Year’s resolution to start an email newsletter for your readers? ProBlogger discusses the benefits of having an email newsletter, and answers common questions about newsletter and email strategy.

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