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Welcome to May’s Links Roundup! This month, we’ve found must-read articles about how to use Instagram to improve your brand as a writer; split-testing tools to optimize your WordPress site; tips for writing a blog post series; and some fascinating new blogging statistics. Whether you create your own author website or Web Design Relief creates one for you, we want to give you the best possible tools to build an effective online author platform and get your writing out there for the world to read.

How To Use Instagram Like A Beauty Brand – via moz – You know Instagram—but did you know it can be a really great marketing tool for writers? Zee Hoffmann Jones talks about how you can use the marketing strategies of beauty brands to increase your visibility on social media.

8 Powerful Split-Testing Tools To Optimize Your WordPress Site – via Blogging Wizard – What is split testing, should you do it, and what are the best tools to do it with? Colin Newcomer explains the benefits of split testing and reviews some of the best split-testing tools for users of all knowledge levels and budgets.

How To Write A Series For Your Blog (And Why You’ll Want To) – via ProBlogger – Just as some authors write a book series, bloggers can write a blog post series! Darren Rowse discusses how a blog post series can boost your blog, the multiple approaches a writer can use, and coming up with a great idea for a blog post series.

Here Are Some New Blogging Statistics – via Blog Tyrant – Blog Tyrant shares some new, eye-opening statistics about bloggers: average income, how much time is spent blogging, what people spend money on when it comes to blogging, and more!

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