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If you’ve been working hard to create an effective marketing and promotion campaign, then you’ve no doubt spent a meaningful amount of time on the essential elements an author must have to build a strong reputation: quality writing, great branding, networking, social media presence, author website, promotional items (like mailers, writing conference goodies, and other materials), and more!

But here at Web Design Relief we know that many writers spend so much time on the individual elements of a great marketing campaign, they neglect the most important and powerful key to a promotional campaign:


Here’s Why Coordination Is So Important To Your Author Platform

To coordinate your social media outreach with your networking, author website, and promotional efforts, you must create functioning links that lead potential fans from one promo machine to another. These vital links will:

  • Give people reasons to keep thinking about you longer (and remember you)
  • Increase the likelihood that visitors will become permanent followers
  • Increase the odds that followers will become buyers via repeated contact at multiple levels
  • Boost your chances of cutting through the glut of ads your readers already receive from others

How Writers Can Get The Elements Of Their Author Platform To Coordinate

Google yourself. Take a look at the results that appear when you Google your name. When you are in command of your reader’s clickable options in search engines, you’re more likely to direct them toward the action you want them to take (whether it’s making a sale or signing up a mailing-list subscriber). Here are some ways to become more Googleable.

Implement good SEO practices. Whether you’re creating an author website or writing guest blog posts, your place in search engines can sometimes be helped through strong Search Engine Optimization copywriting.

Send real-time audiences to your website to build your email list. Using your readings, lectures, and other appearances to give people a reason to sign up for your mailing list is an easy way to build a lasting relationship.

Use your author bio as an opportunity to send readers to your author website. Always include your author website URL in your byline.

Contact your email subscribers to advertise real-time reading, social media contests, and appearances. Hosting a contest on a social media profile? Invite members of your email list to join in (and vice versa) to stir up extra excitement (and more social shares).

Share your writing online—the right way. There’s a wrong way and a right way to make it easy for people to read your creative writing on the Web.

Integrate your social media profiles into your author website. Your social media feeds can keep your author website feeling fresh and regularly updated—which is key for ensuring that your efforts feel current and active. Here’s how to integrate.

The Lynchpin That Holds Your Author Platform All Together Is…

You guessed it!

It’s you. If you are consistent about who you are, what you write, and what your goals are, then all of the aspects of your author platform will naturally have the great uniformity that establishes a consistent author brand. Being your authentic self is more than just smart living; it’s smart marketing too!


Question: Do you coordinate your efforts? Add your tips for our readers! (And feel free to share links.)


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