The 10 Signs Of A Bad Social Media Consultant

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An active, engaging social media platform is essential for writers who want to promote their author brands online. And for many authors, a social media consultant can be a big help. A marketing-savvy consultant who understands the ins and outs of effective social media can offer much-needed guidance and a helping hand, allowing the author to spend more time writing—and less time ineffectively tweeting about waffles or posting cat videos. A good consultant can improve click rates, grow an audience, manage contests and ads, and implement ideas to gain wider exposure. But not all social media consultants are created equal, and it’s important to separate the good from the bad.

10 Warning Signs of a Bad Social Media Consultant

You may be dealing with a less than optimal social media consultant if he or she…

> Fails to consistently market your author brand.
> Doesn’t play to your strengths.
> Is hard to reach or communicate with.
> Won’t listen to your goals for your brand.
> Implements strategies you’re uncomfortable with or unaware of.
> Engages in black hat practices.
> Refuses to present case studies or examples of past successes.
> Promises specific numbers of followers or engagement that he or she couldn’t possibly guarantee (without using questionable tactics).
> Never posts or tweets on a consistent schedule.
> Doesn’t keep up with the latest trends, methods, and best practices.

What Makes a Great Social Media Consultant?

First, make sure you ask the right questions of your prospective social media consultant. Know the terms of your agreement: how much the service costs; whether the consultant can hold your profiles hostage if you terminate your relationship; how your personal contact info will be protected, etc.

Second, you should feel comfortable working with your social media consultant and with the strategy he or she is implementing on your behalf. If you want to adjust your social media content or have questions about the best way to approach your online platform, your consultant should be able to answer you quickly and completely. And while you should feel comfortable with your consultant, he or she should also challenge you to think outside the box and direct you toward ideas and marketing opportunities that will increase your fan base.

If finding the right social media consultant proves challenging, remember: Our Virtual Assistant Program can take care of maintaining and updating your social media accounts for you. Instead of agonizing over your social media schedule, you can put your efforts into what you do best—write!

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