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Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others. —Booker T. Washington

Whether you’re a writer, baker, corporate executive, stay-at-home parent, or professional dog walker, this is the time of year when many people from all walks of life are looking for ways to give back to their communities. If you are a writer with an author website, you’re in luck! The experts at Web Design Relief know you have the means to help spread some holiday cheer—and it’s right at your fingertips.

But just one note of caution: Before you send your hard-earned money—or encourage your fans and visitors to send theirs—first check to ensure a charity is legit and not a scam!

Easy, Creative Ways To Turn Your Author Website Into A Resource For Good

Share your space. Consider adding a page to your author website dedicated to a nonprofit or cause you are passionate about. This page can be a space to share information with your readers who already trust you as a reliable source—so put your craft to good use to create well-written, descriptive, persuasive content. And a page dedicated to a worthy cause is just one of the many ways to give your author website a boost.

Spread the word. Use your writing skills to inspire others to take action. Is there a local soup kitchen, animal shelter, or substance abuse program that could use press releases or articles to build awareness and boost donations? The right words can move readers to volunteer or contribute money or services. And you’ll also be getting the message out to those in need that there is help available.

On your website, you can post articles to your blog that shed light on current issues like homelessness, mental illness, and more. Include statistics to encourage your visitors to find ways to take action in their own communities. If nonfiction isn’t your forte, here are some tips and techniques.

Add a button. One of the benefits of having a well-built author website is the ability to add widgets and buttons. Many authors use “Buy Now” buttons on their websites to direct users to where they can purchase books. Why not include a “Donate Now” button for your favorite nonprofit organization?

If all your stories feature the same feisty canine sidekick, you might want to add a donation button for a local agency that helps foster pets. Or, if the detective in your novel is a former soldier, perhaps add a widget to your website to take visitors to an organization that supports veterans. Your followers will be able to support a worthy cause with just one click—and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you helped make it happen!

List some links. You may already have hyperlinks on your website that take visitors to your published works, or to venues where you’ll be reading, or even to writing groups or other resources for writers. You can easily include links to charities or organizations that you want to support so that your readers can learn more.

Donate a portion of your book sale profits. Let your author website visitors know that when they purchase your book, a percentage of the proceeds will be given to a nonprofit organization. You might consider tying this in to a current need for a limited time. For example, after a hurricane or disaster, you might state on your author website: A percentage of all book sales during the month of November will support the hurricane relief efforts of the Red Cross. This philanthropic gesture may even help boost your book sales while raising much-needed funds for those in need.

With just a few clicks and some creative thinking, you can turn your author website into a clever way to give back and support those less fortunate.

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. —Maya Angelou


Question: Do you prefer supporting nonprofit organizations in person or via online donations?

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