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At Web Design Relief, we’re always on the lookout for the latest website trends and must-have style elements. We scour the Internet for great-looking websites in general and eye-catching, innovative author websites in particular so that we stay ahead of the curve about what’s current in the publishing industry. Then we use this info to create beautiful author websites for our clients!

Here are some of the most interesting, attractive author websites we’ve seen online. Maybe one will be the inspiration for your own author website. (You know you really should have one!)

The Best Design Elements Found In 5 Great-Looking Author Websites

Author Website #1: Amanda Palmer

Unforgettable imagery. The use of personal branding stands out as soon as you hit the home page of this author website. Bright colors pop, and the unusual image, placed against the simple white background, grabs your eye. And everything you’d be looking for is located on the main page with a quick slide down the site when you click the menu.


Author Website #2: Vince Frost

Bold basics. The strong graphic design completely catches our attention on the first page. Using a monochromatic, black-and-white color scheme with just a hint of color and boxes that slide in and out provides a unique, engaging visual experience.


Author Website #3: Gary Vaynerchuk

Mobile-friendly design. The use of bold, easy-to-read typography and bright colors works amazingly well on this author website—especially on mobile devices. The author’s podcasts and blog are right on the navigation bar, making them easy for his audience to locate. And the fun, informal photo in the header makes him instantly relatable to his followers.


Author Website #4: Kellie Coates Gilbert

Audience appeal. This author’s website features large, can’t-miss social media buttons and a photo carousel that works along with her book images to give bursts of color for plenty of impact—but the serif and script typefaces in the header keep her branding consistent for her audience of moms, sisters, daughters, and girlfriends.


Author Website #5: Tim Tigner

Focused energy. The header on this author’s website is packed with energy, which reflects his author brand and the types of stories he tells. Yet the home page offers great functionality while a bold red button and the use of bright color on the navigation bar grab the eye and take you straight to his giveaway. And the Fun Fact keeps you reading right to the bottom of the page with the teaser about how he names his characters.


Want to see even more attractive, engaging author websites? Check out our Portfolio page! We can create an author website that works best for you, your budget, and your needs.


QUESTION: Which author website is your favorite? What about it do you like best?

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