5 Ways To Spread Holiday Cheer On Your Social Media Sites

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Keeping your author platform active and updated is one of the best ways to engage your fans and make sure your website rises to the top of the Google search results. And while the holiday season means that you will probably be spending time visiting and hosting family and friends, it’s also a great opportunity to keep your author platform fresh with new, time-sensitive content!

Easy, Holiday-Themed Ways To Boost Your Social Media Stats

  1. Share seasonal writing prompts on your social media platforms.

Having time off during the holidays means that writers will have extra time to do what they enjoy the most—writing! Sharing a writing prompt on your Facebook or Twitter page is a quick and easy post for when you’re short on time, and if your fans and followers find themselves eager to write during their holiday hiatus, they’ll be more inclined to participate.

  1. Decorate your website with holiday content.

Although it may seem like decorating your website for the holidays will only make more work for you in the end, it can actually be a great way to generate more traffic to your website and show search engines like Google that your page is regularly updated! Try adding a countdown timer to your winter holiday of choice, or adding seasonal images like snowflakes, ornaments, or snowmen. If you’re feeling extra festive, you can write a holiday-related greeting or blog post to feature on the main page of your author website!

  1. Review your favorite holiday books.

Do you have a favorite holiday-themed book? Discuss it with your followers! Post a review on Goodreads or write a blog post, then be sure to share your new content on platforms like Facebook and Twitter to strike up a lively conversation. Asking your followers to share their favorite holiday books in response is also a great way to drive user interaction and gain more followers on social media!

  1. Offer a holiday-gift-themed giveaway.

During the holidays, many people are busy checking off items on their gift-giving lists—why not play Santa for a day and offer a holiday gift giveaway? Include a copy of your book and other author goodies like notebooks, pencils, or tote bags. Be sure to allow enough time to ship your prizes out to the winners before the holidays.

  1. Give your platform a personal touch.

While you may keep your author platform strictly writing-related for eleven months of the year, now’s the time to give it a personal, festive touch. Consider sharing a short blog post or photo that reveals a little more about you and your life. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing a photo of yourself or your family, post a picture of your holiday table settings, the Christmas tree, your lit menorah or kinara, or the wrapped gifts that you’re going to be giving to family and friends. Personal content gives your author platform a unique appeal and helps fans connect to you both as a writer and a person.

By spreading the holiday festivities across your author website and social media pages, you’ll give your marketing and fan-building efforts a boost that will carry you right into the new year and beyond!


Question: How will you keep your social media platforms seasonally updated during the winter?


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