6 Steps To Reinvigorate Your Social Media Networks

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SocialMediaBeastcroppedRemember that hopeful, exciting feeling you had when you created your Twitter account? It was like a door had opened—you were going to tweet your shoes off, make new friends, create an adoring fan base to support your writer platform, and sell a million copies of your new novel.

But then something happened…things slowed down…you lost traction.

We’re here to give you 6 easy steps to breathe some new life into your various social media platforms using tools that are right at your fingertips. Enjoy!

6 Steps To Reinvigorate Your Social Media Networks

Photography. Pictures are one of the best ways to catch a viewer’s attention, and social media is just the right platform. Whether you’re releasing a new book, planning a book tour for your latest novel, or tweeting a line from your first chapter, a photograph can enhance your post.

If you’re already into images, Tumblr and Pinterest are two image-driven social media platforms, and Facebook is the perfect place to post an excerpt of your novel while attaching a relevant image to the post. But whatever your network of choice, a picture is worth a thousand Likes, followers, or fans!

Ask Interesting, Thought-Provoking Questions. Getting a dialogue started among your followers is a good way to build a sense of community through social media.

Twitter and Facebook are two social media platforms that encourage open discussion and commentary. Post about your book’s themes, literary news, or even your vacation plans. Then ask your readers to share their thoughts, comments, and plans. You may be surprised at the inspiring and engaging answers you’ll receive, and over time, your audience will keep coming back for more.

Share A Meaningful Anecdote. In a world where a significant amount of what we do is online and computerized, it can help tremendously to remind the cyber world that we’re all still human. Sharing a funny story or an interesting anecdote from your life is a great way to connect with other word lovers. It also gives your online friends a valued glimpse into your offline life.

Host A Contest. What’s more enticing than free stuff? If you have an extra copy of your manuscript, a free ticket to an exclusive book signing event, or even a sneak peek at your not-yet-released novel, host a giveaway!

Your contest can be as simple as having your followers or fans answer one of your thought-provoking questions and then choosing the answer you found most interesting. Or you can give away a prize to your one-thousandth subscriber. Just remember to have fun.

Update Often. Nothing will make you lose momentum faster than irregular updates. If you sit dormant for too long, people are likely to forget about you. By staying active, you boost your author platform.

Be Consistent. While your personal life can be helter-skelter, your author brand should be somewhat consistent in the tone, style, and topics of your posts.

Your readers, fans, subscribers, etc., will become accustomed to your voice, and most will hope to continue to see what attracted them in the first place each time they come back to visit.

It’s never too late to spruce up your social media sites and garner new interest in your writing. Posting photos that pertain to your craft, giving away a neat prize to a lucky winner, sharing a touching story, and/or asking questions, and honing your unique voice will help relight the spark that once lit your digital fire. Good luck!

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QUESTION: Which of these techniques is most effective in keeping you coming back for more?

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