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Today, having an author website is essential to a writer’s success. If a literary agent, editor, or reader wants to learn more about you, they’ll simply do a quick Internet search. Think about it: Right now, when we type your name into the search bar—what will we find if you don’t have an author website?

At Web Design Relief, we know a well-designed author website is a must-have if you hope to grow your writing career. And here are 7 clever reasons why.

How An Author Website Can Help Meet Your Writing Career Goals

  1. You control your online author persona. You only have one chance to make a great first impression, and with an author website, you control what people see and how they see it. By choosing smart design elements and writing captivating text, you can encourage visitors to learn more about who you are and what you offer as an author. Instead of having an Internet search bring up an old article about your third-place finish in the hot dog eating contest, your literary audience will find your website and read your carefully crafted “About Me” page.
  1. Literary agents and literary journal editors can find you. When a literary agent is considering offering you representation for your book, or when a literary journal editor is thinking about publishing your piece, they may decide to research you online. Having a well-designed and well-maintained author website will show literary agents and editors of literary magazines that you take your writing career seriously. 
  1. It will be easier to cultivate your fan base. Once your author website is up and running, you should use it to build a mailing list! Unlike social media platforms that don’t belong to you, your mailing list is all yours. Use this list to keep your fans apprised of any new publications you have coming out, and let them know about upcoming events where you’ll be appearing. Building a loyal fandom is essential for an author, and having a website will make it that much easier! (Just be sure you don’t accidentally annoy your potential fans.) 
  1. You’ll have a great avenue for self-promotion! Your author website should be the one-stop, go-to hub of all your marketing and promotional efforts. Create a separate page on your author website that features links to your publication credits. Future speaking engagements can be listed on a calendar page. You can also create a “Book Me” page on your website to make it that much easier for organizers to contact you about appearing at their events! 
  1. You can build book sales. Include pages on your author website where you can showcase your books, and feature any positive 4- to 5-star reviews. Be sure to offer a “Buy Now” call-to-action button that links to a site where visitors can purchase your book. You might also consider selling promotional goodies like pins, bookmarks, prints, etc. Your author website will be a great tool for boosting your sales! 
  1. Cross-promoting via social media will boost your website audience. Your author website and social media pages are a win-win cross-promotional opportunity! Encourage visitors to follow you on social media by prominently placing buttons that link to your accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Goodreads, etc.) on all of your website pages. You can even have a feed that shows your latest social media posts right on your website in real time. And be sure to invite your social media followers to check out your author website. By cross-promoting, you’ll help your fan base grow by leaps and bounds.
  1. You can connect with other writers. Through your author website, you can reach out and connect with other writers even if you tend to be a bit introverted (like many writers). You can work together with other authors to host bigger book signings or reading events and introduce each other to your fans, hopefully resulting in new audiences for all of you! You can also use your website to reach nonprofit organizations, restaurants, or bigger corporations that might be interested in featuring you and your writing at an event.

Get Started On Your Author Website Today!

An author website can help create meaningful connections with readers, literary agents, journal editors, and other writers, so don’t wait to launch yours! Web Design Relief offers a range of budget-friendly website options, created by writers for writers. We’ll listen to you and work with you through every step of the design process. And once your website is out in the world, we’ll always be here for any upgrades or troubleshooting. Schedule a consultation today!


QUESTION: What’s the biggest benefit you’ve received from having an author website?

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