4 Tips For Wooing Agents And Editors With Your Author Website

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Author Website
As literary agents and editors read through your work, they might—if interested—do a quick Google or Internet search on your name to see what comes up. So it’s important to have an author website up and running that will appeal to this important audience!

How To Ensure Agents And Editors Love Your Website

Your site is easy to view and read. Make sure your site has functional beauty. That means putting the most relevant information at the top and forefront of your site—and making the experience visually memorable.

The site layout should be easy to navigate. Place page links such as “Home” or “About The Author” at the top and bottom, where visitors can easily access and switch pages. Don’t forget to add a page of your publishing credits to further pique the interest of agents and editors. Use a sidebar to create visual interest and for secondary information: a page dedicated to your favorite lit journal; your blog post; and a field where fans can sign up for your mailing list!

You can increase functionality on your author site by adding plugins for contact forms or shopping carts that visitors can use to buy your book. You can even upload an events calendar plugin that lists your upcoming events to visitors. WordPress has plugins that you can easily download and install on your site.

The graphics, font, and colors brand you as an author. Choose a font that reflects the personality you want to communicate. For instance, serif fonts often reflect a mature, formal, and stable personality. A sans serif font will project an image that’s more creative and flexible. And always make sure your font is clearly legible and large enough to read.

Post high-resolution images on your website—especially for your author headshot. And dress to impress (in your style, of course)! Avoid overly patterned attire or wearing too many accessories, as these can be distracting.

Finally, choose colors for your website that work well together. Believe it or not, there is a science and social meaning behind colors. For instance, red often exemplifies energy or passion. But paired with green, it could look like a year-round Christmas site! To help choose the best colors for your site, try Coolors, a color pairing tool for Web designers. And keep in mind that designers recommend no more than four colors for a website.

Social networks are linked on your author site. Integrating Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest into your website shows literary agents and editors that you interact with fans and can promote your writing to a built-in, interested audience. If you do make a blog though, make sure that you update it. Consistent updating and posting are very important.

Your “About The Author” bio is well-written and engaging. Your author bio introduces you to potential readers, fans, and inquiring minds (aka agents and editors!). Focus on writer-related credentials, especially any publishing credits or highlights of your writing career. For instance, public speaking can be an advantage, since authors have to engage in public events down the line.

Of course, offer a few unique details about your life! Give visitors a chance to see you as an individual instead of just another writer. What makes you…you? If you have hobbies or travel experiences that connect with your writing, then feel free to include them.

QUESTION: How have you made your author site unique to you and your writing?

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