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Building Your Author Platform — Links Roundup, Week of 11/19

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Hey, writers! We’re still in the process of recovering from Hurricane Sandy, but we’ve got a super-awesome links roundup for you this week.

Want to turn your website into a powerful marketing tool? Want to earn an A+ in social media? These fantastic links from around the Web will help you improve your Web presence and reputation as a writer.


When to Use White Text On A Dark Background via UX Movement – Does your website have a lot of text on it (i.e. published stories, novel excerpts, etc.), or is it more visually driven? How much text you have on your site can and should dictate whether you go for dark text on a light background or the other way around. After all, you don’t want to make your readers go cross-eyed, do you?

20 Tips On How To Write For The Web via Wedesigner Depot – If you plan to blog or write any content for your site outside of your already proofread, published work, you have to make sure that it makes sense, is grammatically correct, and doesn’t alienate your readers. Here are 20 tips that will help you do just that.

Content Writing Tips From Oscar Wilde via B2C – If that last link was a bit too technical for your tastes, here’s a writerly approach to Web content writing. After all, who knew better than Oscar Wilde about writing things that would get people talking?

6 Pinterest Tips From Power Users via Mashable – There are countless ways to use Pinterest: You can be casual, professional, or something in between. It’s up to you to decide how you’d like to represent yourself on every social media platform, even one as open-ended as Pinterest. Here are tips from 6 different types of power users that can help you decide.

An Exhaustive Study Of Twitter Users Across The World via Beevolve – As with any business-related venture, it’s good to know your audience. When you’re marketing your writing and author website on Twitter, keep in mind how the crowd is broken up. Check out these statistics before you start tweeting.

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