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Building Your Author Platform — Links Roundup, Week of 7/30

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Writers, we’ve scoured the Web so you don’t have to!

These fantastic links from around the Web will help you enhance your Web presence and reputation as a writer.


SEO Wars: Forget Black Hat, White Hat – What Color Is Your Lightsaber? via Search Engine Watch – Do you find Web jargon confusing? Do tips about SEO go right over your head? Do you love Star Wars?  If so, this article is perfect for you! Double-check your SEO tactics against this geek-friendly chart to make sure you’re not in danger of turning to the Dark Side.

Using Creative Commons Images From Flickr via Squidoo – Adding images to your posts is a great way to make your blog more visually stimulating for readers, but if you’re not using your own photography, you must give credit where credit is due. Luckily, Flickr includes license information on each photo. Check out this article to learn what each license means. Speaking of which…

Compfight, A Flickr Search Tool – …this incredible tool makes finding Creative Commons images on Flickr super-easy. Just plug in your keyword, specify what kind of license you’re looking for, and search. That’s it!

Why StumbleUpon Sends Me Heaps Of Traffic via Sociable – You don’t hear much about StumbleUpon these days compared to other social networks, but with nearly 11 million users, it remains one of the most powerful ways to get traffic to your site. Try this clever little trick from Lilach Bullock, and automatically share your links with the StumbleUpon community.

The Three Planks Of Your Author Platform via CreateSpace – Think of your author platform as your literary home—it needs a solid foundation to stay standing over time! The three elements mentioned in this short and sweet article will help you establish a sturdy base from the start.

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