Building Your Author Platform — Links Roundup, Week Of 8/27

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Writers, rejoice! Web Design Relief has scoured the Web so you don’t have to!

These fantastic links from around the Web will help you enhance your Web presence and reputation as a writer.


The Granola-Munching Hippie’s Guide To All-Natural SEO via Copyblogger – Going organic doesn’t just apply to groceries anymore. If you’re concerned about the fate of SEO and whether it can keep helping your site or not, consider taking a more natural, sustainable approach to search engine optimization. Think of it as the Whole Foods for your website!

The Blog Editor’s Cheat Sheet: What To Do Before, During And After Your Post Goes Live via KISSmetrics – Blogging isn’t just about writing a clever post every once in a while. There are a lot of things that go into what KISSmetrics calls your “blogging game plan” both before and after a post goes live. TIP: Print this list out for future reference!

Literary Tweets: 100+ Of The Best Authors On Twitter via Mashable – It’s like what Mom always said: You are the company you keep. Using that logic, follow these authors on Twitter and you’ll be one of the literary cool kids! (Okay, maybe it’s not that easy—but you’ll probably find the stuff they tweet super-helpful and interesting!)

How To Overcome The 5 Excuses That Will Kill Your Content Marketing Efforts via MarketingLand – So your marketing efforts are floundering. Our advice? Stop making excuses! In this article, Chris Winfield doesn’t just identify the most common excuses for poor content marketing; he also offers practical solutions to get past them.

10 Reasons Why Your Content Doesn’t Attract Links via CopyPressed – If you’ve been trying to drive traffic into your blog but notice that no one seems to be linking to your content, you might want to reassess your approach. It’s possible that it’s not them, it’s you.

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