Building Your Author Platform — Links Roundup, Week Of 9/10

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Writers, we’ve scoured the Web so you don’t have to!

These fantastic links from around the Web will help you enhance your Web presence and reputation as a writer.


5 Things Bacon Can Teach You About Content Marketing via PR Daily – Okay, first of all, who doesn’t love bacon? Second, who doesn’t want their content to reach the widest audience possible? In this article, Jason Miller gives you several helpful and logical tips for making your site’s content both dynamic and accessible. And those tips just happen to be wrapped in bacon. Mmmm…

A 5-Step Plan To Improve Every Blog Post You Write via Copyblogger – A shotgun approach to blogging doesn’t work for most people—not everyone can go about it willy-nilly and have people gobble it up. And that’s okay! Here is a simple 5-step plan from Copyblogger that you can implement with every blog post you write. It will help you say exactly what you want to say efficiently.

The Psychology Of Color In Web Design via Vandelay Design – You may not realize it, but the colors surrounding you in your day-to-day life can affect your mood, hunger, and energy levels. The same psychology can be said about your author website, invoking certain reactions in visitors. Check out the awesome examples included on this list!

21 Time Management Tips For Bloggers via Blog Marketing Academy – Timeliness in blogging is important. You don’t want your readers to think your site has become inactive while you’re sitting at your desk procrastinating. So don’t delay! Try these time management methods to kick your blogging in gear.

10 Pro Tips For Writers Using Social Media via Mashable – We can’t stress enough how important social media is, especially to writers! Are you on the big social networks? Are you making valuable connections? If not, integrate these 10 tips into your everyday social media habits. Your author platform will thank you.

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