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10 Easy Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Author Website | Web Design Relief

Once you have an author website that works well for your genre and acts as your online business card, it’s time for the next step: getting your readers and potential new fans to visit! Your author website should act as an online hub where you can showcase your latest publication credits, offer links to purchase your books, update followers on your next public engagement, and much more. The marketing experts at Web Design Relief know how important it is to drive traffic to your website—and we’re sharing our secrets and tips with you!

How To Rise Above The Noise And Boost Traffic To Your Author Website

Engage On Social Media

Make sure you post a link to your author website on all your social media! Some writers maintain all their social media platforms using one social media managing site like Hootsuite or Buffer. You can then easily post website links and info on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all at once.

You should also feature social media icon buttons on your author website in order to cross-promote and build your audience.

Use Hashtags

It is important to get the social media posts featuring links to your author website in front of the widest audience possible. One way to do this is by using hashtags in your Instagram and Twitter posts. Hashtags group together posts with a common topic so that it’s easier for users to find the information they are interested in. Hashtags can be genre specific, such as #Horror, #RomanceWriter, #SciFi, or more specific to the writing process like #AmEditing or #Writing. If your new romance novel cover is ready, tweeting “Take a look at the new cover design for my latest book” with a link to your website and the hashtag #RomanceWriter will help you reach an audience beyond your own followers!

Put Your Website Address On Everything

As an author, you probably have business cards, flyers for readings, bookmarks, even books you’ve written—and your author website URL should appear on all of them! If you are doing a public reading, for example, having your website address on your handouts offers a way for members of the audience to find you (and your work!) after the reading. Find tips here for reading your writing in public.

Utilize Keywords For SEO

When writing content for your website, always include keywords to improve your site’s odds of showing up higher in search engine results. The closer to the top your website appears during a search, the more people will see it and click on your website. One of the reasons for this is sheer immediacy, but another is because many people think links that populate first are superior to those found three pages down. You can use tools like Google Suggests to find the best SEO keywords for your website blog content.

Collaborate With Other Authors

Working with other authors is a great way to promote your website and encourage new visitors! By combining your fan-building efforts with other writers, you can reach a larger audience than you would on your own. When one member of your author team publishes a short story, poem, or book, all the members can share the news with their followers—along with your website addresses. You can also host readings together to pull in a larger audience and cross-promote your website to bring in more traffic. A combined book giveaway or writing challenge is another way to attract more visitors to your website.

Give Visitors A Reason To Stop By

Everyone loves a freebie! Entice visitors to your author website with special content: an exclusive chapter or background story for a character, or a sneak peek at your new cover art, or access to your new book trailer.

While it is important for audiences to visit your author website, it is also crucial that they engage with it once they are there. Create a call to action that gets visitors to sign up for your newsletter or e-mail list.

Interact In Your Online Community

Make connections! There is a large community of readers and writers out there, and being active in that community will bring curious readers to your website. Comment on other people’s social media posts and visit other author websites.

Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts for other websites or blogs is a great way to reach a new audience for your writing and your author website. Just be sure that the site you are guest blogging for is a good match for you and your work! And don’t write a guest post that is basically just an advertisement for you and your website: Offer something useful and interesting.

Update Your Author Website

A slow, outdated website will cause visitors and potential new fans to bounce more quickly than a kangaroo on a trampoline. Periodically review your author website to ensure all the links work, the information is current, and there is nothing hindering the speed of your website.

Track Your Visitors

Programs like Google Analytics let you track how people found your site so you can better understand which promotional tactics are most effective.

By following these ten tips, you’ll be able to bring more traffic to your author website and build your audience for your writing. And if you don’t have an author website—what’s stopping you? It’s easier and more affordable than you’d think! Contact Web Design Relief today to schedule a free consultation and learn more!


Question: How do you attract visitors to your author website?

New Year; New You: How To Revamp Your Author Persona And Grow Your Fan Base | Web Design Relief

It’s the start of a new year! What better time to give your brand identity a facelift? The experts at Web Design Relief know that a fresh approach to your online author persona can help you achieve your goals as a writer, increase the size of your fan base, and find the right voice for your author website and social networks.

5 Ways To Revitalize Your Author Website And Online Presence

Make A List: Check out your favorite authors and how they portray their personas online; then create a list of the qualities you want to exemplify through your online activity. You’ll be able to use it as a reference every time you make a website update or put up a new post. This will help you maintain consistency and develop your author brand.

Watch Your Words: Because almost all of our online communication is through text on websites and social media, your words and phrasing are incredibly important. Whether you are trying to appear friendlier, more approachable, or dark and mysterious—adjust your word choice to uniformly reflect this and stay on brand. Your blog updates and social media posts should all sound like they were made by the same person. Here’s what Neil Gaiman has to say about writing in your own voice.

Change Your Imagery: The images you use to engage with your fans online are also key elements of your author persona. Consider Instagram: Successful Instagram accounts tend to focus on a theme. Your theme should relate to your books or the genre in which you write. Make sure your images embrace your overall author brand, are high quality, and are tasteful!

Engage, Engage, Engage: Any author who’s been reaping the benefits of online success is one who actively engages with fans, friends, and followers. Be sure to answer questions, respond to messages, and acknowledge comments so that your visitors and supporters feel heard. Keep all of your responses kind, courteous, and as interesting as possible. Remember to interact in the same way you’d want your favorite author to respond to you! An active social presence will keep fans and followers returning to your accounts.

And if you end up with a few trolls to deal with (it’s an unfortunate reality of the Internet today), here’s how to keep your cool and protect your online reputation.

Keep It Real: It’s vital to keep your online persona sociable and interesting, but that doesn’t mean you should over-embellish. Your fans will be able to tell if you are being inauthentic. Also, if you put on a performance or establish yourself as an incredible character, your marketing attempts might actually backfire and turn off your target audience. Instead, be the best version of yourself. By being genuine and thoughtful in what you share and write, you’ll create a realistic persona that can enhance your author brand.

Once you decide to revamp your online persona, be careful that you don’t overwhelm your followers with too many changes all at once. Gradually incorporate any new elements and strategies to your online usage, and success will follow.


Question: What is the most important element to update on an author website?

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