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When Facebook Fails: 6 Changes To Get More Fans For Your Author Page

You want to succeed as a writer, so you’re using Facebook to boost your presence on social media. You’re active on your author page, you interact and reply to comments, and you linked your page to your author website. So…why is your fan count lagging? Here are 6 ways you might be using Facebook wrong—and… Continue Reading

How Social Media Has Evolved—And Why It Matters To Writers

Unless you’ve been living in a rural cabin, pounding away on a manual typewriter, you know that technology and social media have been rapidly evolving over the past five years.  Facebook alone has changed dozens of times since it graduated from Harvard and launched itself into the greater public in 2006. In fact, all the… Continue Reading

Essential Vacation Safety Tips For Your Social Media (And More!)

You’re so excited about your upcoming vacation that you can hardly contain yourself! Finally, you’ll be the writer posting photos of umbrella drinks and tweeting about glorious sunsets, or blogging on your website about amazing Mayan ruins. Authors are always in search of new content for marketing and promotion: What better way to captivate your… Continue Reading

Web Design Relief’s Links Roundup, May 2016

Welcome to May’s Links Roundup! Check out Facebook’s latest free marketing tools; go beyond social media to boost book sales; and chew over some food for thought on the future of e-book indices. Whether you create your own author website or we create one for you, we want to give you the best possible tools… Continue Reading

Take It From A Millennial: What Your Facebook Page Must Do To Succeed

Okay, so maybe today’s Millennials (ages 18-33) weren’t born pinning, posting, and texting—but there’s no denying that social media is second nature to this age group. For those of us who grew up in the “olden days” of rotary phones, floppy disks, and even (gasp!) Pong, social media platforms like Facebook might seem complicated, frivolous,… Continue Reading

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