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Tumblr For Writers: A Picture-Perfect Marketing And Promotional Tool

Tumblr, meet Writer. Writer, meet Tumblr. While you might think that a short-form blog like Tumblr would be counterintuitive for writers, this photo-centric platform is quickly becoming a viable marketing tool for promoting your writing. If you’re ready to shake up your social media presence by creating a Tumblr account, we have all the facts… Continue Reading

Who Should You Be When You’re Online? Creating An Author Persona For Social Media

It’s no secret: Most writers are, by nature, a fairly introverted breed. We’re not all PR gurus or marketing wizards. But if you want to be successful in the current publishing industry climate, it’s vital that you have an online presence. Otherwise, the chances of people finding you and reading your work are slim to none. So… Continue Reading

Do Poets And Story Writers Need An Author Website?

As a writer, you’ve probably noticed that more and more of your comrades are creating an online presence by establishing author websites. An author website is a great marketing tool and can serve as the centerpiece to your online identity. While it may seem obvious for a novelist to have an author website to help… Continue Reading

6 Steps To Reinvigorate Your Social Media Networks

Remember that hopeful, exciting feeling you had when you created your Twitter account? It was like a door had opened—you were going to tweet your shoes off, make new friends, create an adoring fan base to support your writer platform, and sell a million copies of your new novel. But then something happened…things slowed down…you… Continue Reading

Posting Images: Harnessing The Art Of Social Media Pictures

If you’re setting out to establish an author brand, then images may be your best friend—both on your website and on your social media platform. Whether your images go viral or simply resonate with your fans, your pics are social media party favors that help ensure people are having a good time on your page.… Continue Reading

Web Design Relief Links Roundup, May 2013

In this month’s Links Roundup, we’ve got great advice for writers trying to build their online author platforms PLUS an awesome Web design tool for people who love color, and lots of it! Enjoy! 12 Most Simple Social Media Mistakes We All Make via — There are a lot of articles out there telling… Continue Reading

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