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Authors: 22 Quick Tips For Getting More Retweets!

  When it comes to spreading the word about your writing, you may already know about the power of Twitter. But tweeting regularly is just the first step in making Twitter work for you—you also want your Twitter followers to retweet (or RT) your tweets. To get more retweets to boost your reach, increase followers, and… Continue Reading

How To Cross-Promote Your Author Website And Your Social Media Pages For Max Results

Marketing savvy writers—and even authors who are marketing newbies—know the importance of an author platform. It’s easy enough to get all the necessary parts: An author website? Check. One or more social media profiles? Check. But simply having these integral pieces isn’t enough to ensure success: You need to be certain that everything works together… Continue Reading

7 Tips For A More Mobile-Friendly Author Website

Mobile devices—smartphones and tablets—have quickly become the primary way users access the Internet. So it’s imperative that your author website is designed to be accessible, easily navigable, and look good on these smaller screen devices. By optimizing your author website for smartphones and tablets, you’ll make it easier for visitors to move through your content… Continue Reading

Web Design Relief’s Links Roundup, December 2014

Season’s Greetings! December’s Web Links Roundup is a wish list of great promotional ideas for writers. Whether you create your own author website or we create one for you, we want to give you the best possible tools to build an effective online author platform and get your writing out there for the world to… Continue Reading

Social Media Superstars: How Successful Authors Are Building Their Followings On The Web

In today’s competitive publishing environment, having a presence online is not optional—it’s vital. And we’ve brought you some of the best insider info about building your online author platform—from creating a solid, functional author website to engaging potential readers on social media. But to a writer with very little marketing experience or social media savvy,… Continue Reading

10 Tricks To Make Your Author Website Rank Higher In Search Engines Like Google

You’re number one…or close to it! But you definitely want your author website to have a high ranking on search engines like Google—in other words, to appear at the very top of the list of results that a search engine compiles when a user does a search. But how can you, as a writer, make… Continue Reading

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