Eek! Scary-Good Author Website Decorating Ideas

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Halloween is right around the corner! Homes and storefronts are all decorated with skeletons, ghosts, and spiderwebs—in fact, one home near our office has a skeleton bedecked in a Santa hat clinging to the chimney! You may even have a mini pumpkin or two perched on your writing desk. Now it’s time to add a few fluttering autumn leaves or some cobwebs to your author website.

Why should you decorate your author website, only to have to take down the seasonal visuals once the holiday is over?

First: Because it can help build traffic and repeat visits. Your fans will be delighted by the clever seasonal touches and will keep coming back to see what you’ve added lately.

Second: It shows search engines that your site is regularly updated, which will result in your site appearing higher in search results.

Third: It’s fun! Even if you don’t write in the horror or mystery genres, you can still give your site some goose bump-worthy elements in just minutes.

Quick, Easy Ways To Add Seasonal Touches To Your Author Website

Switch titles to an appropriately eerie font. Changing your title font from Arial to Fiddums Family, Creepster, or Gypsy Curse will give your website a touch of gothic flair.

Color your website creepy. Along with using a different typeface, you can change the color of your headlines or text to orange, black, or even blood red.

Give your author headshot a spooky makeover. Dress up in your Halloween costume and snap a few photos. Then temporarily replace your current headshot with an image of you wearing a witch’s hat or maybe some zombie makeup. For a fast fix, use your existing headshot but add a color filter. You’ll look positively ghoulish in green!

Use images to add horribly fun elements. With free clip art, you can have a few spiders crawling across your home page, or a smiling jack-o’-lantern in your header. Include a spooky stock photo with your latest blog article, or a writing prompt with a harvest image. You can even use your own photos!

Add an ominous countdown clock. You can add a countdown timer to your website that ticks away the minutes to the big day.

Write a Halloween- or autumn-themed blog post. Whether you post a poem, short story, or an observation about this time of year, giving your blog a seasonal post will intrigue your visitors. And if you write something that’s out of your regular genre, you’ll get to spread your (bat) wings and fly with something new!

Keep in mind: These website minute-makeovers aren’t just for Halloween! You can update the look of your author website for every season and holiday.


Question: What holiday themes do you plan to use on your author website?



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