Essential Checklist For A Dazzling Writer Website

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Having a writer website isn’t just about showcasing your talent. A good author website will conjure a strong brand, leave a lasting impression, and make visitors want to return. It also must be easy to navigate. Remember that not everyone viewing your site will be web-savvy, so ease of use is just as important as an eye-catching design.

We at Web Design Relief have compiled a checklist of questions so you can be sure you’ve created a writer website that’s ready for the World Wide Web (and the world itself!).

Author Website Essential Elements Checklist

  • Is the text on your writer website engaging and easy to read (in terms of word choice AND legibility)? You’ll want to write text that a reader can skim and still retain. Plus, choose font colors and fonts that are easy to read and pleasing to the eye.
  • Is your writer website clean and organized? Not having enough information can be troublesome, but having too much information at once can present a much larger problem. Don’t feel like you need to display everything on your homepage. Instead, choose what’s most important—what you need to say right off the bat—and then use the other pages on your site to flesh out the rest of your content.
  • Does your homepage have a specific call to action (buy your book, sign up for your newsletter, etc.)? Don’t leave your visitors hanging! Direct them toward something you’d like them to do before they leave your writer website.
  • Is your homepage friendly and inviting, and are strong visuals presented? You want your visitors to feel welcome. Invite them to learn more about you and your writing. You may even want to include any praise or enthusiastic feedback about your work on your homepage. If you have an image of your soon-to-be-released book or a video of a reading you recently gave, your homepage is the perfect place to display it. Don’t be shy! Remember: This is your first impression.
  • Does your writer website include interactive elements (comments field if you have a blog, social media buttons, email list, etc.)? Visitors will want to interact, so having an open comment field or links to your Twitter or Facebook pages can help get the conversation started (and will make your visitors feel needed and engaged).
  • Is your author website easy to navigate? The Internet is already full of distractions and diversions. Create navigation that is presented clearly on every page and that leads your visitors from one page to the next smoothly.
  • Does your writer website include a way for visitors to contact you? What’s more important than driving visitors to your site? Getting them to stay in touch! An easy-to-use and prominently displayed contact form can achieve just that.
  • Does your writer website showcase at least one piece of your writing? You’re a writer, and this is your website, so, naturally, you should display your writing! Get your visitors interested in you and your talent.

Let’s Recap

Your writer website needs engaging, easy-to-read text, a call to action, strong visuals, a friendly vibe, interactive elements, an easy-to-use contact form, simple navigation, and an overall clean and organized presentation. Think of your writer website as your personal business card. Part of being a well-known writer is marketing, and a writer website is a step in the right direction. So, tell us, how did you do?


Question: What do you feel is THE most essential element of a great website?

One Response to Essential Checklist For A Dazzling Writer Website

  1. These are all great tips! I know my opinion on a business has changed (for better or worse) based on a web presence and the quality/look of their site.

    I mean, who even still uses Comic Sans? We’re adults now.

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