The First Thing To Do Every Morning To Build Your Writing Reputation

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As a writer, there are a few things you should do every morning: Have a good breakfast and a cuppa joe (or tea) and jot down a few lines, for starters. But one of the most effective ways to build your reputation as a writer should also be happening right after you rise and shine—generating great social media content on a consistent schedule. By adding new content to your social media accounts at the start of each day, you’ll soon be reaping the benefits of gaining more friends and fans, all while building your writing reputation.

Social media users have plenty of stimuli to catch their attention, so even your most diehard fans might forget about you if you only post sporadically. To keep yourself and your work front and center in the minds of your followers, update your social networking accounts regularly. Remember, the early bird catches the worm—so post something each morning to ensure that this important task becomes a habit you won’t forget!

The Right Way To Update Your Social Media

Consider the rule of thirds when planning your updates: Post one-third brand-new content; one-third reposts or links to other sites; and one-third self-promotion. (But first, check out these tips to avoid alienating your readers!)

Alternate between short and long posts. Social media users tend to like quick tidbits, but you can also throw in a longer post (via Facebook, for example) about your writing process, a funny story about a writers group, or wisdom gleaned from your publishing or self-publishing journey.

Tailor your posts to specific social media accounts. Twitter users respond to different content than Facebook or Goodreads users, so keep your audience firmly in mind when creating your posts.

Respond thoughtfully to comments or questions and engage your audience. Social media is called “social” for a reason, and readers will appreciate it when you interact on a personal level!

Maintain a balance between personal content and the business of writing. (TMI is a no-no.)

Offer content that is useful to other writers or readers—but keep in mind that there are plenty of “experts” out there, so let your advice come across with humility rather than arrogance.

And proofread your posts to ensure they’re grammatically correct!

Most importantly, let your personality shine through. Your followers will appreciate your unique ideas, perspectives, and humor.

What To Post On Social Media When You Run Out Of Ideas:

  • Share an interesting article or a link to one of your favorite blogs.
  • Promote other writers and their events. (They may even return the favor!)
  • Offer a writing prompt based on an intriguing visual image.
  • Snap a photo of your cat “reading” a book, what you plan to wear to an upcoming book signing, or even your workspace. And don’t forget your book’s cover or a photo of the literary magazine where you’d most like to publish your next poem or short story.
  • Post an interesting fact related to your work or the writing life.
  • Visual content is always popular…so if you’re at a loss for words, let a picture do the talking for you.
  • An inspirational or funny quote can work in a pinch!
  • Share something valuable you’ve learned about literary agents or submitting to literary journals.
  • Post an excerpt or a link to a blog post from your author website.

Tips For Easier Daily Updates

A social media calendar lets you plan a week, a month, even a year’s worth of content in advance. Start with a blank calendar and fill in the obvious tie-ins—the release date of your book, holidays, writing or publishing events, and anything that relates to your work. Then include varied content—photos, funny memes, serious posts, a shout-out to an editor or industry professional who helped you, a thank-you to your fans, and of course a moderate dose of self-promotion. When you sit down each morning for social networking, you’ll already know what you’ll be posting for that day—a great help if you’re not a morning person!

Tools like Hootsuite can help you manage all your social media accounts at once and schedule posts in advance. And remember, if this all seems like too much work, our Virtual Assistant Program can do all your social networking for you!

One Final Tip

When it comes to social media followers, your goal is quality, not quantity. So make sure your social media updates are pertinent to the type of followers you want. Soon you’ll see your writing reputation grow!



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