Get More Facebook Friends Without Spending A Dime: Here’s How!

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Facebook Friends

Facebook offers writers the opportunity to spread the word about their author pages to new audiences—but at a cost. Boosted posts and promoted posts require that writers pay to publicize. The good news is, you don’t necessarily have to use Facebook’s built-in advertising features in order to increase the number of your fans.

Here Are Our Best Tips For Gaining More Facebook Friends For Free!

Post engaging material that people will want to share.

If your posts are interesting, your followers will be more likely to share your content with their friends, organically spreading the word about your page. Try posting trending news, catchy and fun infographics, silly photos, etc. Focus on spreading attention-grabbing information. And don’t forget to use hashtags on your posts!

Share and Like other people’s content—often.

Find Facebook pages and profiles that are interesting to you. Like these pages, share their posts, and comment, comment, comment! Not only will this increase your visibility and promote networking, you might also get some reciprocal attention. Plus, when you make friends with the friends of writers you admire, you just might win yourself some new fans.

Interact as often as possible with your followers.

Instead of saying Please buy my book over and over in various ways, engage directly and honestly with your friends and followers. Ask people for their opinions and thoughts. Like comments that are made on your page. Start a fun game or take a poll. When people see you’re a “real” person who isn’t just out to take their money and run, they’ll be more likely to continue visiting your page and sharing your content, and they may even (yes!) buy your book. Learn more about how to get people talking on Facebook.

Update regularly. 

Make a schedule and post often—don’t post in spurts and then leave your Facebook page stagnant for weeks on end. People are more likely to follow your profile if they see that you update regularly. Plus, posting often will teach you which types of posts tend to reach your particular audience and which ones can be discontinued.

Host a contest on your page.

People will often follow a Facebook page if there is a chance to win something or to get a promotional discount. What can you give away without spending more money? (Hint: Here’s a great list of digital freebies for your promotions!) You can keep your contests simple and small or make them more complex. Learn more about how to host a contest that will build your Facebook fanbase.

Use a positive tone.

Make sure most of your posts are inspirational, fun, happy, etc. If you are constantly coming across sad, angry, or cynical on your author page, people are more likely to unfollow you. Whereas, if people come across posts that intrigue them and spark creativity, they are more likely to follow your page.

Remember: Building Your Facebook Fanbase Is NOT A Numbers Game

Publishing industry professionals won’t be impressed by a large number of pseudo-followers who never interact. They’d much rather see a smaller number of genuinely interested, engaged fans. So don’t fret over how many fans you have. Instead, focus on building real relationships. Advertising costs money: Making friends shouldn’t. See you on our Facebook page!

QUESTION: What have you done on your Facebook page to gain more followers?

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