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Great Ways To Use Moving Elements In Your Author Website | Web Design Relief

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Strategically incorporating motion into your author website design is a smart way to grab the attention of your followers and publishing industry pros. At Web Design Relief, our experts know that using moving elements in your author website will engage visitors in ways static images cannot. If you’re ready to get moving, here’s how to boost your website’s appeal with motion graphics!

A Simple Guide To Using Motion Design In Your Author Website

Scrolling Headers: Your header is the first thing visitors see when they click onto your website, so make it eye-catching. While static headers can get the job done, a scrolling header with multiple images and graphics allows visitors to watch or manually click through different images that represent your writing and who you are as an author.


Image Carousels: Your list of publications is essential information that should be showcased on your author website. Instead of having a page with flat images and text, you can feature your cover art (or artwork from the literary journals where your work is published) in a carousel so visitors have an interactive way to see all of your publications!

Flashing Icons and Buttons: It is an excellent marketing strategy to include on your website social media icons that allow visitors to instantly follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and buttons that can be clicked to buy your book. You can kick up the engagement potential of these powerful design elements by making them blink, flash, jiggle—any kind of moving animation. These dynamic design elements will guide fans and followers to exactly where you want them to go.

Mouseover Changes: Ideally, your visitors will eagerly click around your website and discover all of your content. Want to make the experience even more engaging and appealing? Have the buttons, menu items, icons, and other elements on your site feature “hover over” changes—graphic changes that happen when a user’s mouse hovers over a trigger area. Mouseover control may become your favorite go-to element!

Text Marquees: You see them on the news, and they are just as eye-catching on your author website! A moving marquee of text at the top of your website is a great way to alert Web visitors to your latest news and updates. When you release a new book, publish new poems or prose in a literary journal, or schedule a book signing or reading event—having that information scroll continuously across the screen will keep your followers in the know!


One Important Note About Using Moving Elements On Your Website

When it comes to using moving and animated design elements on your author website, remember: Less is more! Too many flashy buttons or flying photos will look tacky and overly busy. If visitors don’t know where to look and have too much vying for their attention, they’re more likely to bounce off your site. We recommend a light touch when using moving elements so your website visitors will be intrigued but not overwhelmed.


Question: Which motion design element do you find most appealing?

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