6 Cool Ways To Incorporate Your Favorite Quotes Into Your Author Website

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Who are the Internet-savvy marketing experts who are often quoted as saying, “Posting a quote on your author website will make it more personal and unique”? Okay, it’s us—but it’s true: Sharing your favorite quotes on your author website will offer your visitors a window into your interests, beliefs, and aspirations. If you’re wondering where quotes will work best in your website design, we have some great suggestions! (And you can quote us on that!)

Where To Feature Quotes In Your Author Website Design

1. Homepage

Since your homepage is usually the first page a visitor will land on when checking out your website, it’s a great place to feature one of your favorite quotes—especially right at the top where it can’t be missed. For extra impact, consider using a program like Photoshop to create a graphic banner of your quote!


2. Sidebar

Your sidebar can feature more than just the navigation to your recent articles and social media links. A short quote can liven up an otherwise mundane sidebar and make your website more memorable.

3. About Me Page

Many writers like to include a short “About Me” page that features a formal bio that mentions published works along with details about hobbies, interests, or other personal info. If there is a quote that holds special meaning for you, share it on your “About Me” page—and maybe even explain why it is so significant to you. This is a great way to give your fans insight into your own personal story so that they feel a stronger connection with you and your writing.

4. Footer

Your website’s footer appears on every page, making it the perfect place to feature a short—yet memorable—quote. Don’t forget to preview the footer on each and every page of your website before making your site live.

5. Section Break

If your author website consists of a single, scrolling page, add a section break between your main blocks of content—and use it to feature a quote. Not only will this help break up your webpage and make it more readable, it will give your author website a distinctly unique look compared to other single-page websites.

6. Slideshow

If you can’t narrow down your favorite quotes to just one, choose several and put them in a slideshow. WordPress plugins like Meta Slider offer a quick, simple way to create a slideshow using images and captions. You can feature the slideshow on your homepage, splash page, or blog. You can even choose to include photographs of you, your book, or other meaningful images to boost the appeal to your visitors.

When choosing a quote for your author website, keep in mind that it should be fairly brief,  but still make an impression on your visitors. Check out quotes from other writers, or thumb through your favorite book for inspiration! The website BrainyQuote lets you search for a quote by theme or topic. You can also visit our curated list of motivational writing quotes!

QUESTION: What’s your favorite quote? Tell us in the comment section below!

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