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Industry Influencer: Karen Leland

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UltimateGuidePinterestBusinessThis installment of our Industry Influencer series features Karen Leland, who, over the past 25 years, has successfully worked as a management and marketing consultant, keynote speaker, spokesperson, media guest, freelance writer and reporter, author, sometime exhibiting artist, and occasional actress.

Karen, you’ve written so many books! Email in an Instant helps readers gain control over their inboxes. Time Management in an Instant helps readers make the most of their time. And, of course, your newest book: Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business. Is Pinterest powerful for writers? How can we use it?

If there is any group that can immediately benefit from participating on Pinterest, it is authors—both fiction and nonfiction. Consider these numbers from a survey by Content Connections. According to the study, the “average woman” book buyer:

• Is 45 years old.

• Purchases an average of 28 books a year.

• Spends $280 on nonfiction titles per year.

• Makes a full third of her book purchases online.

• Is more likely to visit an author’s website than a publisher’s website.

Now line that up with some statistics pulled from Google Ad Planner that reveal that 72% of Pinterest users are female and 66% of those are age 35 or older. See what I mean? Every author, whether self- or traditionally published, has the opportunity to find an audience on Pinterest.

Along with being a marketing expert, you’re a book marketing consultant. How does that work? How does a writer benefit from hiring a good book marketing consultant?

Writers—especially those with a consulting, speaking, coaching or product side to their business—can benefit greatly by hiring a branding and marketing expert to help them develop a platform. This may involve developing a website and setting up social media, generating media attention through both Internet marketing and traditional PR activities, and establishing thought leadership. I offer both strategy and support services, since many of my clients who are writers also have thriving businesses and very little time available for branding and marketing activities.

We love the quiz on your website that helps visitors understand where they stand in terms of new marketing ideas. How did you come up with that idea?

Based on ten years’ experience working with high-end entrepreneurs and small business owners, I identified ten critical components to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. The quiz covers those indicators.

Tell us about the free e-book on your website, Four Principles of the New Marketing Mindset to Grow Your Brand and Business.

The e-book is really designed as an introduction to the major shifts that have occurred in marketing over the past few years. The book also has a cheat sheet at the end with 21 ways to promote your business, book, or product.

Where else can we get information about Pinterest?

If you go to my website, I offer free book bonus items such as a Pinterest webinar, podcast, and a 50 ways cheat sheet.

To find out more, follow Karen Leland on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest!

QUESTION: What social media platform do you prefer to use when marketing your work?

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