Writers: 7 Ways To Turn Over A New Leaf For Your Marketing And Promotional Strategy

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Are your marketing and promotional strategies starting to feel “so last year”? Sooner or later, what started out as fresh and exciting ideas for your author platform will eventually become “old hat” and stale—not only to you, but to your visitors and followers as well. A stagnant marketing plan is often the culprit when you notice you’re no longer getting results.

Fortunately, the new year presents a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf and update your marketing efforts. Here are Web Design Relief’s tips for reenergizing, revamping, and improving your author platform.

How To Build A Better Author Platform In The New Year

Focus on the future. You may not have accomplished everything you had hoped to while attempting to build your reputation as a writer. But instead of focusing on what didn’t happen in the past, focus on how you’re going to move forward into the future. If your reasons for improving your marketing and promotional strategies are clear and exciting in your mind, your actual efforts will fall in line with your attitude.

Set goals. Pinpoint the results you want to achieve, then plan the steps to get there. Hang your schedule prominently and reward yourself as you meet each goal.

Try something new. If your current reputation-building campaign isn’t working—change it! Our weekly issues of Submit Write Now! are packed with marketing and promotional ideas that will surprise and inspire you. Make a commitment to try one new marketing strategy per month.

Get connected. Is your author website optimized to connect your visitors with you? Learn more about which social media network could be best for you. Then be sure to integrate your social media sites and create a mailing list. Bonus if you offer a great digital freebie.

Create a team. One of the best ways to maximize your marketing and promotional efforts is to gather a group of like-minded authors who are interested in cross-promotion. Learn more about how to create your author dream team and expand your reach.

Update your website. You don’t necessarily need to completely overhaul your author website, but keep in mind: Technology changes very quickly. The up-to-the-minute website elements you started out with may now be yesterday’s news. Here’s how to know if your author website is due for an update.

Ask for help. Don’t go it alone. Ask family and friends to nudge you or hold you accountable. Talk to other authors and professionals about ideas and recommendations. And if you need help managing your author website or your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest accounts—Web Design Relief and our Social Media Team are ready to help.

Find What Works Best For You

The smartest way to reinvigorate your marketing plan is to research and try one new strategy after another until you discover what works best for you. And don’t worry if your marketing efforts aren’t “by the book.” Forging your own way is part of the fun!

QUESTION: What’s one new marketing or promotional effort you plan to make this year?

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