Online Publishing Dos and Don’ts For Writers

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We’ve put together a list of important online publishing dos and don’ts to help writers navigate the exciting world of online publishing. Be sure to share this timely advice with other writers by linking, pinning, and sharing this very informative infographic!

Online Publishing

Remember: To boost your online presence and rank higher in Internet searches, be sure you:

  • Do: Maintain an author website
  • Do: Focus on excerpts, not entire works
  • Do: Post entire short works that have already been published
  • Do: Share links to other websites featuring your writing
  • Do: Publish across multiple pages; not all on one
  • Do: Check your formatting in various browsers
  • Do: Proofread!

And always stay safe! Here’s what an author should NOT do online:

  • Don’t: Post entire works you hope to publish elsewhere
  • Don’t: Use hard-to-read colors or fonts
  • Don’t: Post lengthy pieces
  • Don’t: Publish personal info
  • Don’t: Include explanations in case people “don’t get it”
  • Don’t: Post anything you’re worried might be stolen


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