5 Tips That Will Help You Post More Consistently On Social Media

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5 Tips That Will Help You Post More Consistently On Social Media

If you’re using social media, you know the importance of regularly posting new content and interacting with your followers. But sometimes posting and interacting frequently can be a challenge. It’s easy to let countless other responsibilities push your social media maintenance to the back burner.

But updating content and promoting your personal brand is far too essential to constantly put off. Here are great strategies that will help you post more consistently. 

5 Tips For Consistent Posting On Social Media

1. Use a calendar.

Keeping a posting schedule can be difficult if you don’t have a plan in mind. Mark days and times on your calendar that are designated for social media—and stick to them. You can also use the calendar feature on your cell phone to help remind you. You’ll find that having a schedule for your posts and interactions will help you be more consistent and focused.

2. Reward yourself.

With social media campaigns, you won’t always see immediate results—building followers and subscribers takes time. Having a reward-based system will motivate you to meet your promotion goals and will also help you relish your successes. So have a slice of pie when you meet your daily posting quota or treat yourself to a meal at a four-star restaurant when you reach a follower milestone.

3. Focus on others, not on yourself.

While promoting your personal brand is your main focus when using social media, interacting with others and posting content your followers are interested in is imperative for your brand’s success. Remember to engage your fans in a personal way and tailor your content to their interests. Happy, attentive followers will share your posts and bring you even more followers!

4. Keep the big picture in mind.

Remember how we said results aren’t always immediate? That’s especially true when you consider long-term goals. Whether it’s collecting a large number of fans or establishing yourself as a household name, consistent posting and interactions will build to that zenith day by day.

For inspiration, hang a cork board or dry-erase board above your computer with your long-term goals tacked or written on it. Think of it as your social media dream board!

5. Use social media tools

Posting consistently on social media can be arduous, but you don’t have to go it alone. There are countless tools that help streamline the process of posting and sharing. Take advantage of smartphone apps for posting on the go or desktop apps like Hootsuite to post on multiple accounts simultaneously.

Using these five tips will help keep your social media efforts focused and consistent. Keeping your goals in mind and using technology to your advantage will make self-promotion more fun and ultimately more successful.

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QUESTION: What tips do you have for being consistent on social media?

3 Responses to 5 Tips That Will Help You Post More Consistently On Social Media

  1. WordPress will remind you to post on a consistent basis. Click on your name, upper right to pull down the menu, then click on your name in the menu. That will take you to “My Account.” Scroll down to “Goals” and select a frequency. WordPress will send you a note when it’s time to put out another post.

    • Great tip, Jeff! Although keep in mind that that mostly applies to blogs hosted on WordPress.com, not self-hosted WordPress sites.

  2. its like a whole new world and it’s good there’s someone like you would write things to help a new person like me along.

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