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Your bags are packed, the house is locked up, and your travel itinerary is ready to go. There’s just one problem: Your phone won’t stop beeping from Facebook and Twitter notifications. It’s a reminder that no matter how far you travel, the pressures of social media can follow you anywhere you go. That is, unless you plan ahead!

At Web Design Relief, we’ve compiled a few of the best ways to automate your social media platforms so your online marketing machine will work at full capacity while you soak up some sun and enjoy a little R&R.

Use all the tools at your disposal. Automation software and apps are designed to curate your content so you can plan your strategy before you leave to catch your flight. Platforms like Hootsuite, HubSpot, and Social Oomph allow you to schedule posts for the future and monitor activity so you can be involved in social networking as much—or as little—as you choose.

Be smart about when you post. There are analytical tools available that allow you to analyze your content to determine when your posts are most effective. So, while it may be tempting to schedule posts quickly so you can get on with your vacation, remember that it pays to take the time to determine when you should schedule your posts.

Don’t be afraid to replay the hits. For many, the greatest challenge of running a social media platform is finding and creating content that their followers will enjoy. If you won’t have time to do so while you’re on vacation, then look back at your older posts. Oftentimes you will find content that is still relevant, allowing you to quickly create high-quality posts on the go.

Stay safe out there. It may be tempting to keep your followers apprised of your whereabouts in real time—but there can be risks associated with broadcasting to the world that you’re away from home. Four out of five burglars reportedly use social media to find easy targets for break-ins. To keep safe on vacation, refrain from posting about your travel plans online and wait to post any photos of your vacation until you’ve returned home.

It’s okay to occasionally check in. While it would hardly be a vacation if you spent your time analyzing “likes” and “retweets,” there’s no harm in setting aside time each day to see what’s happening on your social media. If you manage your time wisely, a few minutes in the morning or evening will give you the opportunity to stay current, reply to followers, and make any necessary tweaks to your post schedule.

Final Thoughts on Tech-Savvy Traveling

Technology has made it easy to keep your marketing strategy on course, even when you’re unable to oversee every step of the process. Unfortunately, technology has also made it easy to work anytime, anywhere. Use these tips to keep your strategy up and running, but don’t forget to enjoy your time away!


Question: What tools do you use to automate your social media?


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