The Best Social Networking Sites For Writers

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social networking sites for writers
If you’re interested in connecting with other writers—and readers!—check out these four social networking websites featuring literary-minded communities offering inspiration and support:

4 Social Networking Websites For Writers

1. Goodreads

Goodreads is a virtual bookshelf that allows you to share what you’re reading with the world. You can write and read book reviews, connect with other readers, and check out a plethora of great book recommendations based on the books you’ve already read. This is a great tool for writers and readers who want to stay connected and track what they’re reading.

Writing career boost: Goodreads is essential to promoting yourself as a writer, since it connects you with so many avid readers. If you can get a popular reviewer on Goodreads to review your book, there’s a chance for thousands of people to learn about you and your writing.

2. The Writing Room

The Writing Room offers many resources for up-and-coming writers about writing, writers groups, writing activities, and more! Click the Experts tab for opportunities to connect with a writing mentor who can help polish your work. This is the perfect site for authors who want to get to know others who write in their genre while finding great tools to help hone their writing skills.

Writing career boost: If you want to improve your craft, this is the place to be! Asking for feedback from the experts and looking at the How To section are great ways to get your writing ready to submit to editors and agents.

3. National Novel Writing Month

Each November, writers across the world log on with the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel in a month! You can connect with writers to discuss your novel project, track your writing progress, and get all the support you need in the forums. This is a great community of writers of all ages who are happy to offer encouragement and advice.

Writing career boost: Several best-selling novels started as National Novel Writing Month projects. Whether you’re a veteran writer or just starting out, the National Novel Writing site and the supportive community it hosts could be the push you need to work on what may be the next big best seller!


This site is like a virtual coffee shop where you can chat with other writers. You can ask for reviews of your work and get more information about how to get your work published. Users can also contribute writing guides that other authors can read. This is a great site for writers looking to get feedback and learn more about their craft.

Writing career boost: If you’re concerned about the quality of your writing, this site provides useful feedback to help you determine if you’re on the right track with your story, poem, or book. And if you aren’t heading in the right direction or you’re struggling with the technical aspects of writing, the writing tips and guides will get you back on track.

A Few Words About Online Etiquette With Other Writers

Before leaping onto any of these social networks for writers (or many of the others out there!), you should always know your goal for joining the site. Don’t join these sites to try and sell your writing and make money. These social networks are meant for making connections with other writers, potentially interacting with fans, and learning more about writing.

QUESTION: Have you used any of the websites listed above?

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  1. Great list!! Thanks for sharing. There are many websites for writers and authors to increase their writing passion and earn something from that. I know one such website which has become bridge between businesses and writers. is very good community of such. They are also paying very good amount to writers.

  2. This is a great list. would be another such social network for writers and bloggers to showcase their work and interact with other fellow writers.

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