9 Go-To Style Tips To Revitalize Your Author Website

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Have you noticed that lately your author website is losing visitors? When it comes to Web content, what was interesting and popular yesterday can become “same-old, same-old” today. To keep readers engaged and coming back, it’s important to give your website the occasional makeover.

We’re not talking about an expensive, haute couture, professional redesign of your site. You can easily create a fresh, new look on your own by revamping a few well-chosen accessories! Here’s how to update your author website so that it will keep getting appreciative looks and attracting attention to you and your writing.

9 Easy Updates To Refresh Your Author Website

Use a new headshot. Still featuring that old photo of you in a leisure suit or pussycat eyeglasses? Unless you’re purposely being retro-hipster, it’s time to update your look. Switching the style of your current photo from formal portrait to friendly, informal shot—or vice versa—will help spark interest. Whichever type of image you prefer, you’ll get the best results using a professional photographer.

Change the color palette. Whether you choose a totally new hue or simply a different intensity of your existing color scheme, changing the background color of your page is a simple way to revitalize your website.

Update the background photo. Use a different photo, or select a subtle texture or pattern for the backdrop. For a clean, modern statement, remove the background image entirely to create a minimalistic look.

Add a holiday theme. By regularly refreshing your website with a few seasonal or holiday visuals, visitors will know that your site is up-to-date, active—and fun!

Include more photos. Images can enhance your writing. Do you write about nature…different cultures…an urban setting? Complementary photos include majestic landscapes, foreign foods and people, architecture, etc. You might even add a slide show—the possibilities are limitless!

Post videos. Videos of your latest public reading or book signing, events connected to your writing, and even a relevant hobby can personalize your author website and make the content must-see viewing.

Incorporate your social media accounts. Your website should be the anchor of your author platform—update your site by integrating all your social media accounts! You can add Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more by implementing social media widgets on the backend of your site.

Pump up the font size. The standard font size for website body text is 10-12 point. Give your site an eye-catching upgrade by boosting the size of your text up to 14 points.

Refresh your content. Of course, regularly adding newly written content is the best way to keep your website up-to-the-minute and visitors coming back for more! If you need blog post inspiration, check here.

With a few quick touch-ups, you can instantly revitalize your author website. And showcasing a new, customized style with updated content will make yours the website to watch.

But if you feel that your author website needs a more significant overhaul, our Web Design Relief team is ready to help. Take a look at our design portfolio, and give us a call today!

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QUESTION: Which style tip would you consider for updating your author website?

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