The Lazy Writer’s Social Media Cheat Sheet

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You have a looming writing deadline…calls to return…groceries to buy…kids to tuck in…etc., etc., etc. But wait—don’t forget your social media updates—a vital part of your author platform! If you need some quick-fix ideas for your social media posts (including your Facebook author page), don’t panic! We’ve put together some “instant” post ideas just for writers. Put your own spin on these fill-in-the-blank ideas to really make these ideas yours!

Note: Social media posts have more impact when paired with compelling images—so feel free to add your own photos.

Especially For Writers: Instant Update Ideas For Your Social Media

Remember when we used to dress like this? Or was it just me?

Our favorite tradition for the upcoming holiday: ____. What are your plans?

Amazing recipe for ___. Pics attached! Try not to drool on the screen.

Am so grateful for ___ today.

Went to ___ last night. Loved it!

Anyone see [name of movie] yet? Should I get a ticket?

File this one under: What my [type of pet] did today.

Here’s a dose of cuteness from my house to yours.

Just got back from [museum/concert/reading/etc.]. So lucky to have been there!

I love the book cover for ____. What do you think?

Is there a day that could not be improved by the addition of [name of book/name of character]?

Am rereading ___ for the Xth time. What books do you regularly reread?

___ is the scariest villain in all of literature, if you ask me. What antagonist do you love to hate?

Wish I could disappear for a day into [title]. Anyone want to join?

Book recommendations wanted. What have you read recently that you liked?

Just finished reading ___. Now I have to ____.

I love this quote for booklovers.

This ___ is just what every booklover needs (hint hint!).

This is my dream bookshelf. [add an image]

I wish I could live here and read forever. [add an image]

Congrats to my favorite author, ___, for ____.

Finished X pages today! Time for ___.

The best thing about being a writer is ____.

I have a little free time tonight. Should I read or write? What do you think?

A cup of __ and an hour for writing. Does life get better?

Writing went ___ today.

Not in the mood for writing. Usually I ___. But it’s not working. Suggestions?

I love this writer gear. [add an image]

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QUESTION: Which ones on this list are you most likely to use?

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  1. Thanks so much for the awesome social media tips! It’s a “Writers Relief” to have the support of this amazing Organization!

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