Update: What’s Trending NOW In Author Website Design | Web Design Relief

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Update: What’s Trending NOW In Author Website Design | Web Design Relief

If there’s one thing that’s constant, it’s change—and with every new technical development and style trend, website designs change as well. And that’s good, because it gives you a reason to keep your author website updated! At Web Design Relief, our tech-savvy designers keep tabs on what’s cutting edge. Check out what’s trending now in author website design.

Here’s What’s Trending Now In Author Website Design

Dark Mode: If you download almost any one of the popular apps these days, you’ll notice they all have a setting called Dark Mode. This mode swaps traditional, glaringly white backgrounds for black, dark gray, or navy backgrounds. Web designers are taking inspiration from Dark Mode designs and are using darker palettes with white text for their web pages. Not only is it easier on the eyes, but Dark Mode conserves battery life too!


3D Designs: More and more designers are swapping flat elements for 3D designs. This allows what would usually be a flush, uniform image to have a more eye-catching, realistic appearance as it seems to lift off the web page.

Pro Tip: The 3D effect looks great when featuring your book cover on your website!

Futuristic Color Schemes: Neutral and pastel color palettes had their moment in the spotlight, but now ultramodern color schemes are the hottest trend. Futuristic color schemes typically include a mixture of blues, purples, teals, and greens. For an even more futuristic effect, include pops of neon colors!


Minimalism: While designers once opted for minimalism to achieve a clean, modern aesthetic, now it’s incorporated for a more functional reason. Slow loading times can be the downfall of a website and send your visitors bouncing. With the increasingly fast pace of Internet usage, designers are keeping the content on web pages minimal to create a more responsive site for both desktop and mobile use.

Big, Bold Fonts: The bigger the better! Designers are using oversized, brightly colored fonts in the latest websites. Large type draws the visitor’s eye to important content while also offering an impactful, stylish design element. However, while giant text works for titles and headlines, it shouldn’t be used for body text or the navigation bar.


Mixed Media: Graphics, photos, and videos now all have a place on the same page as designers mix mediums to create unique websites. The most common example is combining graphic and hand-drawn art with high-quality photos to boost a web page’s visual appeal.

Gradients: A gradient is a subtle shift between two or more colors, blending one flawlessly into the next. This allows for a colorful web experience without the design becoming too oversaturated with color. The best place for gradients is typically in a background or other large-scale design element.


Spilt Screen: Another current design trend is splitting a web page in half to display two full-size design elements in one. Not only is it an effective way to display content, but it’s visually intriguing too! A split screen lets you feature images and text with the same intensity.

These latest trends in web design are making daring, effective updates to website standards. Whether your genre and personal preference lean more toward minimalism and subtle, artistic elements or a bolder, brighter, more futuristic look, you’ll make a memorable impact on your audience by incorporating some of these hot new design ideas. Find out how the experts at Web Design Relief can create a great-looking author website for you—schedule a free consultation today!

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