Web Design Relief Links Roundup, Week Of 12/14

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Are you ready for this week’s Links Roundup?

We’ve got a bunch of great resources for you, especially if you’re a writer with a blog or you’re interested in boosting your social media presence.

Check it out!

Separate Blog Or Blog On My Own Website? via Better Business Blogging – One of our Web design clients recently asked us whether she should have her blog separate from her main author website, and this article answered the question wonderfully. Do you think having your blog on a separate domain that links back to your main site will boost your SEO? The truth may surprise you.

Why Your Blog Should Have A Facebook Page via Jeff Goins – Sure, Facebook is fun—you can find former classmates, play silly games, and catch up with your relatives without having to physically talk to them. But if you’re a writer with a website or blog, you might want to consider taking your Facebook usage to the next level. This article explains why.

Blogging Tips For Authors: How To Use Photos On A Blog via Lisa Tener – Adding images to your blog posts can certainly dress things up, but there are more benefits than just that! Check out this article to learn how snazzy pictures can give your blog some extra juice.

Top 10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Author Twitter Account via Woman On The Edge Of Reality – You can find hundreds of articles telling you that you should get on Twitter—but how many of them tell you what to do once you get there? This article does so with 10 quick, simple tips from which even the most seasoned tweeter can learn a thing or two.

Scrolling And Attention via Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox – Ever wonder why some sites manage to keep your attention longer than others? Take a look at the content distribution. According to a study of eye movements, website visitors tend to pay the most attention to content “above the fold”—that is to say, things they can see without having to scroll. Whether they stay after that point or not…well, that depends on how quickly you hook’em!

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