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Web Design Relief Links Roundup, March 2013

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Social media is vital to spreading the word about your writing across the Web. Even if you’re a proud Luddite, you can’t deny that it makes sense: People aren’t going to magically happen upon your website, so you have to find them where they hang out and tell them about it.

Here are some articles with a bunch of helpful hints about social media for writers.

How Much Time Should You Spend On Social Media Every Day? via ThumbPrint Marketing Group – This is a question a lot of our clients ask. Not everyone has time to write Facebook posts and tweet every five minutes, but you should spend some time on your social media profiles each day so you don’t fall off your followers’ radars.

What Writers Need To Know About Goodreads via GalleyCat – Goodreads has traditionally been geared toward book lovers—that is, readers. But did you know there is a way to use it to promote your own writing? This post has a whole bunch of tips on how to do it (without crossing any lines).

24 Ways To Promote Your Book On LinkedIn via Linked Into Business – “So getting involved with Goodreads makes sense for writers, but LinkedIn? Really?” Yes! You’d be surprised how helpful it can be when you’re promoting your book. After all, you’d like to be viewed as a professional, wouldn’t you?

11 Rules Of Twitter Etiquette You Need To Know via Jeff Bullas – We love this particular article because it follows the same philosophy we approach when maintaining our own social media campaigns: Social media is like dating! And just like when you’re on a date, you want to make the best impression possible. At least we hope so. Speaking of which…

The One Thing An Author Should Never Do On Social Media via Bestseller Labs – If there is one article you read from this Links Roundup, let it be this one. If you’re a regular Twitter user who follows fellow authors, you’ll recognize the mistake right away. And if you’re one of those authors who make this mistake…well, we’ll let you read it and find out!

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