What’s Your Web Personality?

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Web PersonalityWeb design is a lot like fashion—everyone has a distinct style.

And though there are aesthetic trends that come and go in the Web design world, the best websites are the ones that reflect the unique personality of the people for whom they were designed.

So if you’re interested in creating an author website (or having someone do it for you), but are not sure what kind of design you want to go for, no worries!

This quick little quiz will reveal what kind of Web personality you are and help point you in the right direction.

Have fun!


What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

a)    Calling your friends to catch up on the latest gossip
b)    Taking it easy, not making too many plans
c)     Paintball tournament, followed by redoing your kitchen, followed by an evening walk near your favorite lake
d)     Doing your chores, then reading or watching TV

Which of these TV shows would you rather watch?

a)    The Soup
b)    The Joy Of Painting with Bob Ross
c)    Game Of Thrones
d)    Local News

You just received a gift certificate for your favorite clothing store. What is the first thing that you buy?

a)    Something fun that you can dance in this weekend
b)    Several plain white T-shirts for everyday wear
c)    Something high fashion (think: fierce design, bold prints)
d)    A gift for someone else—the clothes you have are fine

Which is your favorite social media platform?

a)    Facebook
b)    Twitter
c)    Pinterest
d)    You don’t really like social media

You won an award and have to give an acceptance speech. You:

a)     Thank every person you know and bring them up on stage
b)     Graciously say “thank you everyone” and leave it at that
c)     Give a performance to show your gratitude and possibly go over your time limit
d)     Thank people in alphabetical order and in a timely fashion

You’re going on a first date. Where do you go?

a)    A new club in town that has become the hot spot
b)    A casual stroll around town
c)    A Broadway show
d)    A romantic dinner at a French restaurant

The Results

Mostly As = Social Butterfly

Mostly Bs = Minimalist

Mostly Cs = Visual Powerhouse

Mostly Ds = Traditionalist


Mostly As:

You’re a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY! You love staying connected with people and sharing great content. Your ideal website would be one that can connect to all of your social media profiles and that allows for easy interaction with your visitors.

Check out these customizable WordPress themes with social media integration:

–       Socialike
–       Scrn
–       Author

Mostly Bs:

You’re a MINIMALIST! You like the simple things in life. Your approach to Web design would be sleek and intuitive, sticking to a couple of colors and a basic design. Keep in mind that minimalist doesn’t mean boring or easy—a lot of minimalist designs require a keen understanding of aesthetics and Web design.

Check out these customizable minimalist WordPress themes:

–       Blox
–       Modest
–       Purity

Mostly Cs:

You’re a VISUAL POWERHOUSE! You lean toward the extravagant and enjoy being stimulated by all sorts of media. Your ideal approach to Web design would include fluid backgrounds, slideshows, and interactive elements.

Check out these show-off-your-style, super visual WordPress themes:

–       Cubrik
–       Photolux
–       Yin & Yang

Mostly Ds:

You’re a TRADITIONALIST!  You yearn for the days of yore when Web design was not something to be fussed over. You just want to get your information out there, case closed. The best kind of design for you is something simple that doesn’t necessarily adhere to trends but will stand the test of time.

Check out these modest, traditional WordPress themes:

–       Basic
–       Quattro
–       Retro

If any of this is going over your head, don’t panic. You don’t have to be a tech genius to get your online platform off the ground. Web Design Relief can help you build a beautiful, custom author website based on your preferences—and personality! Our sites start at $399 plus hosting. Check out our pricing overview page for details about our awesome design packages!

QUESTION: What’s your Web personality?

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