6 Lessons Writers Can Learn About Marketing From Mardi Gras

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6 Lessons Writers Can Learn About Marketing From Mardi Gras

It’s Carnival season in New Orleans, and the countdown to Mardi Gras is in full swing! What does this have to do with Web Design Relief and building your author platform? Plenty!

Mardi Gras celebrations are excellent resources for clever tips on how to jazz up your marketing and promote your writing with style throughout the year.

Show off your effervescent personality. Fat Tuesday is all about exuberance! Your marketing and promotional efforts should be too: bigger, bolder, more attention-grabbing, more fun. People like to go where the party is—and if that’s your author website, good for you!

Of course, not every writer is comfortable embracing the full Mardi Gras sensibility for his or her marketing efforts. But here’s a party favor for you to take home today: The more entertaining your online personality is, the more likely you will see an increase in your number of friends and fans.

Embrace artistic flair. When we think of Mardi Gras, we think purple! Gold! Green! We think of fun, bright colors that welcome revelers. And there’s no reason why your marketing efforts can’t be as lively, engaging, and alluring as the Mardi Gras promotions that capture the attention of tourists around the world.

Toss gifts to the crowd. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the Mardi Gras tradition of collecting plastic bead necklaces. The lesson here: People get excited about free stuff. If you are hosting regular giveaways on your author website, you may find more people wanting to join your krewe. Keep your contests simple: Tell your fans that by leaving a note on your Facebook page or adding their names to your mailing list, they’re automatically entered to win!

Be dependable (on schedule). Most people know that Mardi Gras celebrations always happen in the weeks leading up to Ash Wednesday. By being dependable—by posting regularly on Facebook or another social media account, and by updating your blog regularly—you make it easier for your fans to develop a pattern of checking your site and stay excited about your writing. And when they are regularly rewarded with fresh content, they will be likely to come back for more.

Enjoy yourself! Creativity, good energy, and a genuine sense of playfulness will go a long way toward bringing people to your site. If you’re not having fun with your marketing, step back and consider what you can do to make your promotions more enjoyable for everyone—including you. Your positive energy will go a long way toward success. Read more: Social Networking For People Who Hate Social Networking.

So whether or not you’ll be dancing in the streets and celebrating Carnival season this year, we hope you’ll consider some of these lessons from Mardi Gras revelers. And remember: Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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QUESTION: In what ways have you brought a celebratory atmosphere/tone/sensibility to your own marketing strategy?

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  1. Any good work that is done in any way, requires substantial results. An author also enjoys seeing his/her talent selling fast as hot cake. It denotes an astounding and overwhelming appreciation and support that the audience offer.

    Authors hav the task at hand to promote their business or else fall back in the game.

    I have liked the post.

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