9 Ways To Build Book Sales With Your Author Website

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Build Book Sales

Whether your book is self-published or traditionally published, you’ll still be expected to do a fair amount of the sales promotion on your own. Your author website is a great tool for increasing book sales—but only if you know the online marketing strategies that work. Check out this list of book-selling website tips!

9 Author Website Tips To Increase Your Book Sales

1. Be sure your website features a strong “call to action” that encourages visitors to buy your book. Set up your pages so that your readers are guided toward making a purchase; avoid busy sidebars and other distractions. Display “buy now” links prominently—but not obnoxiously.

2. On your homepage, display cover art, a short synopsis, brief review quotes, and a buy now button.

3. If possible, link to multiple retailers where readers can buy your book—not just one. Don’t make your visitors have to hunt for your book, especially if you’re publishing exclusively in digital format.

4. Give away freebies in exchange for mailing list sign-ups.

5. Incorporate social media feeds into your website so that when you host contests and other word-spreading promotions, they will appear on your site.

6. Offer a free sample chapter or two via downloadable PDF.

7. Prominently display and link to positive reviews your book has garnered from reviewers and bloggers. Any four- and five-star Goodreads reviews that your book receives are especially important to feature. If your author website is built on WordPress, you can incorporate your Goodreads reviews using an easy plug-in.

8. Cross-promote your website using your author “life boat” team.

9. Choose a Web design company that understands publishing, literature, and readers. Web Design Relief has created many websites for traditionally published and self-published writers, and our packages are among the most budget-friendly in the biz. To learn more about hiring a Web designer for your self-published book, read 5 Surprising Questions To Ask A Web Designer.

QUESTION: How have you used your author website to increase book sales?

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