How To Create Backups Of Your Author Website If Your Web Host Doesn’t

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Like the savvy writer you are, you have your author platform running like clockwork. Then one day, you check your email and find that the host for your author website has contacted you—and it’s bad news. Your website has been taken down because it’s been hacked.

Unfortunately, this is a problem that’s becoming more and more prevalent in today’s cyber world. Maybe your security wasn’t strong enough—your password was easy to crack, or key files were left unprotected. As a result, hackers were able to get into your site’s back end and upload all sorts of nasty files. When this happens, your web host—the company that provides a home for your website—has no choice but to shut your website down until you delete the files. Aside from being extremely inconvenient, this breach may also result in the loss of some of your blog posts or any pages you may have created around the time of the hack. And while your website is down, you become virtually invisible to your fans, potential new readers, editors, and literary agents.

Here’s another website worst-case scenario: Your web host experiences a data loss due to technical error or natural disaster. If they backup your website automatically (which is something you should check when signing up for web hosting), then no harm done—but what if they perform backups only once a month? Your entries from a few days before the data loss could be missing.

How To Protect Your Author Website From Cyber Attacks

Ask your web host if a backup service is provided. Find out if the backup service is already in the terms of your hosting agreement or if it’s an add-on service. Also: Do they charge you to access the backups if they do them for you?

Learn to make your own backups. Making a backup of a WordPress website is not too difficult, even if you’re not an expert at navigating the back end of your server. Because, like so many other online processes—there’s an app for that! There are plugins/apps available that you can use to automate and simplify the backup process:

Free Backup Plugins/Apps

Paid Backup Plugins/Apps

The most popular plugin on this list is BackupBuddy. One of the major benefits of this plugin is that it allows you to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups yourself. It can then automatically save the backups to a cloud hard drive like Dropbox, or you can even email them to yourself. If you’re on a budget, you might want to try the free plugin UpdraftPlus, which offers similar features to BackupBuddy.

Put your author website in expert hands. If you’re not the least bit tech-savvy, or you simply don’t have the time to regularly back up your author website, Web Design Relief offers a Website Hosting Care Package that can help you protect all the work you’ve put into creating your author website. This comprehensive Care Package is affordably priced and includes regular site backups for restore points in case of emergencies, regular installation of updates (for WordPress, theme, and/or plugins), follow-up maintenance should updates cause problems on the site, and more.


QUESTION: How are you prepared when your website needs a backup to the rescue?


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