How To Reach Out To A Blogger

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There’s no denying that bloggers have become an essential part of any marketing campaign. In the past decade, we’ve watched as blogging went from being a hobby to being a viable source of income and credibility. Any PR person knows that bloggers are a necessity, but many writers aren’t sure how to reach out to them in the most effective way.

Blog tours are powerful PR machines that can get your book extra attention. What lights up the blogosphere can eventually make its way to mainstream media. If you’re planning to schedule your own blog tour to promote a new novel or poetry collection, then you need to know…


The Right Way To Contact A Blogger About Promotion

Know who you’re contacting. You would think it would go without saying, but bloggers are contacted every day by campaigns that have nothing to do with their blog. Can we say awkward? Do your research beforehand so you know whether or not your book speaks to a particular blogger’s audience. It will save everyone a lot of time.

Make friends. Mutual promo isn’t just about understanding who the blogger is, but it’s also about building a rapport before you ask for a handout. Follow your target bloggers’ various social media outlets, link to their latest posts (and read them), and help get the general word out about them. The relationship should feel genuine and natural, and the rest will come easy.

Supply bloggers with all they’ll need. Believe it or not, bloggers are busy people. Don’t make them dig up information on you or your writing. Give them all the juice they’ll need to write a well-crafted and informative post. It’s your job to do the legwork!

Offer content bloggers can actually use. Give your blogger an offer they can’t refuse. If your story has the potential to become an Internet sensation (or attract a steady stream of readers for years to come), then it’s a blogger’s gold mine. Present them with a clear opportunity to gain subscribers, readers, or fans, and make sure your content is shareable. The motto of the Internet has always been “sharing is caring.”

Be honest in your pitch. We’re always preaching that honesty is the best policy, and this case is no different. Be up-front with what you’re promoting, and be clear and focused in your pitch. Remember that it’s not just your branding that’s at stake, but also the branding of the bloggers. They need to be able to trust you the same way their readers trust them.

Return the favor. They scratch your back, you scratch theirs. If bloggers take the time to write about your book or your career, exposing you to their entire network of readers, the least you can do is promote the article across your own social media platforms. If you want to be a true friend, link to some of their other posts too.

Last Words About Connecting With Bloggers

Feel confident enough to approach your first blogger with a campaign that’ll blow their socks off? Then you’ve got the genuine enthusiasm and spirit that it takes to make meaningful, mutually respectful connections with bloggers. Follow those simple tips and you just might find yourself on the way to a healthy, cooperative, and fun promotional opportunity. Happy blogging!

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QUESTION: What steps have you taken when approaching a blogger?

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