Building Your Author Platform — Links Roundup, Week of 6/29

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Writers, we’ve scoured the Web so you don’t have to!

These fantastic links from around the Web will help you improve your Web presence and reputation as a writer.


Pinterest Tips For Writers via GalleyCat – Creating a Pinterest account is one step in the right direction, but repinning funny memes all day won’t propel your writing platform forward. Here is a list of ways to use Pinterest to connect with potential readers and cultivate inspiration.

Essential SEO Settings For Every New WordPress Blog via ProBlogger – Boosting SEO is the best way to drive traffic to your site, which is why it’s important to cover your bases from the start.

5 Social Media Lessons Gleaned From The Garden via PR Daily – We always tell our clients to think of their websites as organic things that grow along with them. The same applies to social media. Just because your platform is digital doesn’t mean you don’t have to give it TLC!

11 Ways to Bore The Boots Off Your Readers via Copyblogger – The blog on your author website is not a soapbox. If you’re not sure why your readers aren’t coming back for more, check yourself against this list of reasons why you might be putting them to sleep.

The Best Times To Tweet And Post To Facebook via OpenForum – Believe it or not, people are not on Facebook and Twitter 24/7. In fact, if you happen to know when they are most likely to be logged in, you can increase your chances of people clicking your links. Awesome!


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  1. that “best time to facebook and tweet” article is really interesting! also ive been thinking about setting up pinterest boards for pics i find that give me writing inspiration. thanks for the share 🙂

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