How Promoted Tweets Get Results For Your Author Brand

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By now you know that having a Twitter account is essential to promoting your author brand online. But what you might not know is that Twitter—like Facebook—offers a pay-to-play feature that can boost the targeted audience for your most important tweets. With promoted tweets, you can increase the reach and power of your online author platform.

Ready To Get More Followers And Readers?

Promoted tweets are an excellent way to drive traffic to your author website for a number of reasons. Here’s how:

  • Promoted tweets are prominently featured in users’ Twitter feeds, making them more likely to be clicked on and read.
  • You can target the users who would be most likely to purchase your book or be interested in your writing (in other words, you can focus your promoted tweet on people of certain ages, interests, regions, etc.).
  • You can try different tweet tactics and stick with the most successful versions to optimize your budget.

How To Use Promoted Tweets To Get Results

1. Keep Your Tweets Short.

Since your promoted tweet is essentially a sales pitch, it’s important to be brief and create leading, teasing messages. Tempted by curiosity, your audience may be more inclined to click.

2. Promote Shareability.

When you promote a tweet, it’s shown to your chosen demographic. But that’s not the only way to garner clicks. If the tweet you’re promoting lends itself to sharing (e.g., it uses a clever hashtag, etc.), people may be more inclined to retweet it. And any clicks you get from retweeted promoted tweets come at no cost to your advertising budget, but still expand your sphere of influence.

3. Select Your Demographic Carefully.

Targeting the right audience is one of the most important elements of a successful promoted tweet campaign. Make sure you have an intimate understanding of who is most likely to be interested in your content and has the potential to become a fan of your work—and to buy your book, if you have one.

4. Make Your Promoted Content Count.

There’s nothing worse than clicking an ad that hints at one type of message but then delivers something entirely different. Users on Twitter will know that your tweet is promoted, so it’s important not to betray their trust—make sure you link to quality content that makes their click worthwhile. Here’s a hint: Linking to your book’s Amazon page usually doesn’t turn into sales. Instead, try sending readers to quality content on your author website that provides an incentive for them to subscribe to your mailing list, buy your book, or take some other action.

5. Promoted Tweets Don’t Substitute For Regular Content.

Remember: Advertisements should be used to supplement your already existing Twitter strategy, not replace it. Building a following by regularly posting content that’s relevant to your author brand should always be your priority, as it’s the best way to consistently support the growth of your author brand.

QUESTION: Have you ever paid to promote a tweet to a larger audience?


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