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Web Design Relief Links Roundup, April 2013

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 April 2013 Links RoundupCheck out this month’s Links Roundup. It’s a good mix of practical and philosophical tips.

Think of an author platform as a living, breathing thing. So breathe some life into yours!




The Real Meaning of Your Platform as a Writer via We Grow Media – If you feel weird about delving into the cold, technical world of the Web, click this link first. This article touches upon a very important fact about author platforms: It’s not about going down a checklist of tools to have; it’s about how you use those tools to make real, human connections.

Use of Twitter #Hashtags for Authors via No Wasted Ink – Have you ever looked at your Twitter feed and wondered why #people #use #so #many #hashtags? When not used to be obnoxious or funny, hashtags can actually be a GREAT networking tool. And did you know that there are common hashtags writers use to find each other in the great sea of tweets? #SWEET.

Why Should Writers Blog via The Urban Muse – An interesting approach to a commonly discussed topic. Authors are constantly being told that they should add a blog to their author websites, but it isn’t always clear why. There are many advantages to blogging beyond being able to tell people about the toast you ate this morning, and this article explains what they are.

10+ WordPress Plugins to Pinterest-ize Your Website via Hongkiat – This article combines three things that we absolutely love: WordPress, Pinterest, and extra website functionality. If you want to see your content shared on the Web, you have to make it easy for people to do so. Adding “Pin It” buttons to your website can and will help you tap into one of the fastest-growing social networks out there without junking up your design.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Author Website? via DuoLit – If you build it, will they come? It’s not always that easy. Learn some simple marketing philosophies that will elevate your author website beyond being a mere page with some pretty pictures on it.

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